Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Sooo, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!. We got to have thanksgiving with both my parents and Scotts parents. Started at mom and Dad Hedgers then went to Chatt for the rest of the week. We had a great relaxing time. Dinner at the Hedger's, missing a lot of family due to half of my siblings being married now and having to split the holidays.
Kalista joined us for dinner, since her parents reside in Poland.
Frying the Turkey outside.
Then in Chatt, Annie enjoyed swinging on the swing with Grammy.
Oh Yeah, I'll throw this in just in case you forgot what I look like. HaHa.
This was Annie at mom and Dad hedgers. She loved everything we put in front of her, especially the Cranberry stuff. It looks like Sam liked everything in front of him too.
In Chattanooga when we did our Thanksgiving dinner, I think Annie ate more than me. Literally! I put her food on a small plate so it didn't look like a lot, but when I dumped it on her tray, it practically filled it up. And she pretty much ate it all, except what fell from her hands on its way to her mouth, and into her lap. She ate so much, we had to unbutton her jeans to give her some breathing room.

Playing a game of Rook while sitting by the cozy fire, where we creamed the rents. That means we beat the parents.
Grammy was building a block tower and Annie was cracking up when she knocked it over.
Daddy trying to teach her to ride a bike. It's never to early to start right? Well I guess it would help if her feet could touch the ground.
Lucy Bug in her Turkey Shirt.
Playing a little touch football. Scott, Ashley, Grammy, and Lucy, against Josh, Sarah, Paw Paw and Lucy. (She played both sides) No need to tell you who won. HaHa
Well that was a quick catch up. Merry Christmas!


  1. 1. Love the unbuttoned pants picture!! Hilarious!!
    2. We were literally just a few miles away from you for Thanksgiving! We should have all gotten together in Chatty!

  2. Oh. That would have been fun. I'v been wanting to take Annie to the discovery museum. All your pics make it look so fun.
    We should have gone with ya'll. HaHa Oh well.