Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Operation New Yard

So this past spring we decided to kill our whole front lawn and plant tall fescue. Well, over the summer the crab grass and various weeds choked it out so fast that I think the lawn was worse than before we started the whole thing. Any way, this fall we decided to try again since crab grass needs heat and the weather is starting to cool down now. Below are the pictures from day one and week two (this week). Let's hope we can do it right this time. I used to weed that yard four hours a day like two days a week. It was very tiring. I will stay on top of those weeds better this time. Day One
Day ONE.

And here is week two pics.

On another note, one of Annie's favorite toys is our cheese grater. Don't worry people she hasn't hurt herself yet....... so I'll just keep on letting her play with it. Why do children have more fun with the things that aren't their toys than the things that are? Someone should invent toys that look look exactly like cell phones, ipods, laptops, etc.. I know they have children versions, but hey, they still prefer the real thing. It should look as real as possible. Sorry about the red eye. I didn't fix it first.

I love her.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let the Blogging Begin!

Ok so it's been a couple of years. I have never been a blogger but since my brother and sister-in-law are moving to Seattle they need a way besides facebook to keep up with our life. So Here Goes.......

They don't move until January but I figured I better get some practice before that time.
Since August 2009 (when I first created this blog), we have Had a child who is now One years old, so Maggie is not the baby anymore. Annie is her name and she is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I love her like crazy, though she does test my patience a lot since she is now walking everywhere and touching and chewing everything she should not be, like my fall decorations. They now look like a mouse got into them while in the attic, while in fact as you know it was not a mouse.
Here is a pic of our little sweetie pie. Her hair is always kind a scraggly and messy because some of it likes to curl while some likes to stay straight. The only solution is pigtails, or just let it be.

Eating Ravioli First messiest meal ever. Notice that I removed her shirt so I won't have to worry over impossible to remove sauce stains. She must of had an itch on her forehead that couldn't wait to be scratched.