Thursday, May 30, 2013

A long awaited post…..

I'm not going to waste my time trying to catch up because I never will, so I will briefly inform you on what has happened since my last post, but I will only put up pictures of our most recent things. It would be way too much to try and do both. So here goes…..

Since Christmas/January we,

    1) Found out we were expecting baby #3.!!!!!!Yes we knew we wanted our 2nd and 3rd back to back, we just didn't know it would be only three months after having our second that number three would come along. HAHA. What an adventure we are in for.

    2) Found out that baby #3 is a GIRL!!!!!. Big sister Annie is so excited and has already talked about having tea parties and dressing up in princess dresses together. Big brother doesn't even know what the heck is going on.

3) Went to Orlando FLorida to celebrate my Nana's 80th birthday party with all our extended family for a couple of days and figured since we were going to be in Orlando we planned to extend our vacation and visit……

4) Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom. Our little Cinderella absolutely loved it. Can't wait to take our kids back again some day.

5) A bunch of other small misc. things. Anyway on to more recent things.

Here we are visiting Circle G Ranch for little cousin Hudsons Birthday. He's the boy on the right in the cute little safari vest. This was a fun little park you drive through and feed the animals that come up to your car.
 My little Annie was a little scared at first. Calvin once again didn't really know what the heck was going on. He was just glad he wasn't stuck in his car seat for this ride.
 Zebra coming up for some treats.
 This cow had a really long tongue and liked to stick it really close to our faces looking for treats.
 We thought Calvin would be safe up front in Nana's lap but that didn't really make a dfference. HeeHee.
 My little rock climber climbed right up this wall like it was nothing. She gets that from her Daddy.
 Of course little brother wanted to join the fun. Some day little man.
 Daddy loves his snuggle time with his little girl.
 Trying crawfish in Chattanooga. She was not the biggest fan of the initial look of the little creatures.
 I think she would have liked the meat a little better if it wasn't so spicy.
 Getting to watch her cousins at their ballet recital. She wants to do ballet now of course.

 Looking like a little hippies at her uncle Dave/future aunt Lindsey/ and uncle Sams graduation/ Nana's retirement from teaching. Big party.
 Party in the backyard.
Well that's it for this quick catch up. Hopefully we can be on track now and update more frequently.

Yours Truly