Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Sooo, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!. We got to have thanksgiving with both my parents and Scotts parents. Started at mom and Dad Hedgers then went to Chatt for the rest of the week. We had a great relaxing time. Dinner at the Hedger's, missing a lot of family due to half of my siblings being married now and having to split the holidays.
Kalista joined us for dinner, since her parents reside in Poland.
Frying the Turkey outside.
Then in Chatt, Annie enjoyed swinging on the swing with Grammy.
Oh Yeah, I'll throw this in just in case you forgot what I look like. HaHa.
This was Annie at mom and Dad hedgers. She loved everything we put in front of her, especially the Cranberry stuff. It looks like Sam liked everything in front of him too.
In Chattanooga when we did our Thanksgiving dinner, I think Annie ate more than me. Literally! I put her food on a small plate so it didn't look like a lot, but when I dumped it on her tray, it practically filled it up. And she pretty much ate it all, except what fell from her hands on its way to her mouth, and into her lap. She ate so much, we had to unbutton her jeans to give her some breathing room.

Playing a game of Rook while sitting by the cozy fire, where we creamed the rents. That means we beat the parents.
Grammy was building a block tower and Annie was cracking up when she knocked it over.
Daddy trying to teach her to ride a bike. It's never to early to start right? Well I guess it would help if her feet could touch the ground.
Lucy Bug in her Turkey Shirt.
Playing a little touch football. Scott, Ashley, Grammy, and Lucy, against Josh, Sarah, Paw Paw and Lucy. (She played both sides) No need to tell you who won. HaHa
Well that was a quick catch up. Merry Christmas!

Fantasy of Trees. It's Christmas time in Tennessee

So We went to Fantasy of trees Wed before Thanksgiving, so I'm going to post our thanksgiving pics in another post. There's just too much fun stuff to contain it all in one post. Plus it would take too long to put oh so many pictures at once. I'm not that skilled when it comes to figuring these things out. That reminds me note to self. Change theme to a christmas one....... Oh anyway, here is our fun day at Fantasy of Trees.

Meeting up with her Cousins Libby and Ty. Giving hugs. I love that her hair is long enough for pig tails. So Cute.
We forgot our stroller so we (by we I mean Daddy) had to carry her. As soon as we would put her down, she would just take off and not pay attention where we were. I was hoping I would have a daughter that would always stay around mommy like a good little girl. I guess that means I will have to train her.
Photo opp! I didn't quite like how the lighting was set up, maybe I just didn't have the right kind of camera. Note to self, learn more about my camera and taking pics...... Oh anyway....

Family Pic.
Riding the Carousel with Mommy. She was scared until I got on it with her, then she liked it. Hey I didn't mind it myself. It's been awhile since I have ridden a Carousel.
Singing Christmas songs while watching uncle Sam sing on stage.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yummy Apple Crisp and my little munchkin

Well I am in a holiday mood so I made some yummy Apple Crisp for the first time ever the other night. I actually peeled and sliced fresh golden delicious apples for the crisp. I'm so proud of myself. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week. I need to remember to be thankful not just get excited because it's the holidays and I enjoy that aspect.

Peeling the apples in front of a warm cozy fire, watching a christmas movie and smelling amazing fall scents (compliments of Yankee Candle).
Daddy pushing his little girl around in her baby doll stroller.

Until next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Failure!

Well I have officially failed to give thanks for something every day this month as it is Thanksgiving at the end of this month. It's not that i'm not thankful, it's just if I have something else interesting to post i'm more inclined to getting on here and doing it. Besides, who wants to just read a post about what i am thankful for. I'm sure you would rather be more interested in seeing pics, and hearing fun stories, and getting ideas from things we do. Well I do have a couple of pictures to post. We recently went on our all girls annual pigeon forge weekend shopping trip. Well Thurs.-Sat. Believe me, it takes all that given time to find the deals and spend the money. My wonderful parents and darling husband gave me money to spend all on myself. I have to admit I feel guilty using it all for me, so I end up buying a little something for Scott like boxers, and stuff for annie too. It is always exhausting, but it would not have been possible if my mother-in-law had not watched Annie for me. Thanks Deb! I forgot my camera on the trip so instead of me, we get to see pics of what Annie and grammy did while I was away.
This was from my phone of day one shopping!
Getting fueled up at the Pancake Pantry for breakfast on day three of shopping.
Annie cousin Lucy and Grammy reading a story
Having a snack
Walking off the snack.
Having another snack
Posing with cousins for photo op
Posing with cousins and grammy
Whew! Seems like Annie had a lot more going on than me. She was such a busy little girl.
And below I had to add this photo of her bed-head this morning.
Well I'm very excited about the holidays and hope to have some fun stuff to post soon.
Later Alligators.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Benny Boy!!!!

Today is brother Ben's birthday. He is in Seattle right now visiting for a few weeks before they move up there. Come home Ben and Bri, we miss you guys! We went to the Zoo today and it was beautiful out. It is always fun going to the zoo for me, but even more so now that I have a little girl who is getting older and loving the animals.

Today I am so thankful for family. Thankful that God has saved each and every one of my siblings, and that MOST of us live in close proximity to each other so that we can hang out as often as we want. I love that Annie gets to see her cousins often, either at church on Sundays or whenever we get together. I am blessed to have a mom and sisters who are willing to take Annie whenever I need to drop her off. Thankful that Nicole babysits for us every Wed. night so Scott and I can spend date night focusing on each other, and falling in love even more. I am also thankful that God decided he would let us enjoy different colors on the trees in the fall. So beautiful.
Annie is thankful for her Blankie, it is one of her favorite things in the whole world.

Spending the day with Nana while mommy visited work to help out
Watching the Red Pandas at the zoo.

Beautiful trees at the zoo
The Rhinos came over to say hi.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I am so thankful for the Lord providing all we need. Whenever I start to get anxious about finances I am reminded first, that my desire for more will never go away, and money will not satisfy me the way my mind likes to think it would. Secondly, I am reminded that God is in control, he knows what I need and he provides all that and more. Thank you father for being so generous with me, an undeserving, wavering child. You are gracious and merciful, and you have saved me from your wrath, and given me a place in Heaven with you, because of Jesus Christ dying on that cross. I love You God.
Annie is thankful for nap times, so she can sleep and not be grumpy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hudson locked us out!

I know it has been a couple of days but we were on the road returning home from Charleston. Today I want to be thankful for the home that I live in. I am so blessed to have a home and food to eat every day, I am not without want. Well I guess I will always be wanting something, my heart is always longing for more things, be it material, or superficial things, I will never be fully satisfied until I meet my Father in Heaven and he fills that want with himsfelf. Oh I can't wait for the day. Annie is thankful to be back home with all of her toys so she can terrorize the house and find her favorite toy the cheese grater. So to end our adventures from Charleston on the return home we stopped at a little farmers stand off an exit, and after walking around a few minutes, hudson was on Peter's shoulders trying to help his daddy out by sticking his fingers up Peter's nose, and in his ears, and pulling on his hair. So Peter decided to put Hudson back in the car and let him hang out until they were done looking. Well............ Hudson saw it as the perfect opportunity to lock himself and the keys in the car so he could eat all the snacks in the car without anyone to stop him. We called AAA and while waiting for them to arrive a fireman happened to be parked near us, so he called in the big boys and the fire dept. came out and was able to get the car unlocked quickly. Don't worry, Hudson had plenty of time t
o finish off his snacks before they got in. HaHa, what an adventure.
Above- HaHa You think i'm going to let you in when I can eat all these doughnuts without anyone to stop me? I don't thin so.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charelston SC - Discover Kids.

Princess Annie in her castle.

So Happy November 2nd. Yesterday we visited an awesome Discover Kids Museum type thing and It made me wish I was a kid again. At least I had Annie there so I could pretend we were there for her. HaHa. It was a long building and in each room was a different theme, There was a castle, pirate ship, golf ball room, grocery store, and water room. Each room was educational teaching you about something, but very hands on and interactive. They had costumes for some rooms, and everything was for the kids. I think if Annie was a little older she would have liked it even more, but she enjoyed exploring everything. I think her favorite thing was driving the pirate ship. Probably because daddy let's her drive his truck, what shhhhh, no I didn't just say that. erase that from your memory. Of course he doesn't do that..........

Anyway Today Annie is thankful that she gets to ride all over town in her stroller, and not have to walk. And I am thankful that God has given me a healthy body with working limbs so I can push Annie around in her stroller. I take for granted every day the fact that I can walk and function normally. I complain when I feel a little under the weather, but it reminds me how fragile I am, and I always want to be thankful that God is my protector, and he sustains my life every single day. So Thank you Lord, for giving me life, I only pray that you would be glorified in it.

Princess Annie looking down on all her peasants, and Sir Hudson standing guard and protecting the princess.
Wishing she could be normal not royalty, and live a normal fun life like the other children her age.

They loved getting in the pit where all the golf balls were rolling into. They had fun facts around the room too, that had to do with the activities, like gravity and all that good stuff. Yeah. I'm gonna need a lot of help when it comes to homeschooling my chitlins.

Below is the water room, where they could paint with water on the chalkboard wall, and play with boats and learn about levies and all that. Cute little aprons to keep them dry. Hudson preferred to dump the water out so he could splash in it. Such a boy.

The pirate ship was awesome. It had everything. Around the ship they even had different knots you could learn to tie with rope and instructions. I learned the square knot. As you can see Annie was at the helm, and wasn't letting poor Hudson have a turn.

Poor little Annie was sent to jail because she didn't cut the carrots right for the stew. She doesn't understand what she did wrong.... (Adorable little costume they had)
So they put Bethany in charge of the cooking, she had a little trouble not letting the fist get away from her.

Well that's all for now folks. Check back for more adventures soon. I wish I took more large pictures showing just how cool the rooms were, but oh well. You live and learn.
See Ya!!!!!