Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Long Awaited Holiday Re-cap

I definitely need to work on posting more often so I don't have to do a photo overload, and I can't even tell stories behind the photos. But since I am not that consistent, you'll just have to deal with shortened versions and lots and lots of pics. I just want to catch up, so here goes. Lets see where do we start.........

Ok here we go, here is little A's self photo. Yes she has figured out how to open my phone to the camera area, and take pictures of herself. I love those cheeks. She obviously has some improving to do, but hey, she is only 2 years old.
 Here is my little cowgirl wearing daddy's stetson and riding the horsey. For those of you who know my husband, yes can you believe he has a cowboy hat?
 Little A trying to feed her pretend food to her little brother. She loves to help take care of him. (sometimes).... I tried to get her to change a poo-poo diaper for me and she backed out. Oh well, we'll work on that.
 She will however, change her own baby's poo-poo diapers. Even when she tells me her baby's diaper is "ewww discussing". Such a little mommy in the making.
 Her favorite place to read stories to her little one is in mommy and daddy's bed of course.
 Awww, our newest favorite thing around here. Dressing up like a princess. Thanks to family, for christmas she got lots of fun dress up stuff and loves to strut around in it all day around the house. The other night we had a family movie night and watched Cinderella, and of course when Cinderella was dancing with the prince she had to get her dress on and tell daddy to come dance with her. Yes, I almost teared up I thought that was sooooo sweet.
 Ok so back to the holidays. Before Christmas Pete and Beth invited Annie and I to go with them to the art museum downtown. We wanted to make sure and get the kids real good and sugared up before going to the museum so what better place to go then KRISPY KREME!!!!!! Oh it was yummy too. As you can see they were ready to dig in. Don't worry though, they burned a little of it off at the playground before entering the museum.

 Our attempt at a holiday breakfast one morning. I made pancakes in the shapes of holiday ornaments. The whip cream in the backround is supposed to be "snow". Annie didn't mind that it looked pretty janky, she was more concerned about getting some more chocolate chips on that thing, than how it looked.
 A visit to the zoo just before Thanksgiving.  My moms brother came into town, and wanted to see all the kiddos.
 My little man
 C.S. with his poppy.
We got to enjoy a wonderful night out at the company dinner. Fun company and delicious steak, make for a wonderful time.
 Thanksgiving with the Andrews. It doesn't get any better than fried turkey let me tell you. So juicy and tender mmmmmm.
 This is pretty much my mother in-law the whole weekend. Yes she is always in the kitchen working. I don't think you know how to relax deb> Yes I know your reading this. We do appreciate all that you do for us all though don't get me wrong. I'm actually very spoiled by both my mother, and mother in-law. They are always working and cooking for their families, AND WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL!!!!
 Trying to get the Andrews grandkid pic. It's a little difficult since they are all so young and close in age.
 Lucy being the nice cousin she is, and pushing Annie in the stroller on our evening walk.
 She was having so much fun posing and saying cheese, she didn't realize Calvin was slowly creeping out of her lap. He was getting a little worried, if you can't tell by his face.
So I wanted to be creative and do a homemade christmas project. I made a sweet trail mix and decorated some mason jars and filled them with the yummy goodness to give away to our CG members and neighbors. It was a fun little project and made me feel like I accomplished something great. HAHA

Close up.
 My little munchkins and their Christmas attire.
 Care Group Christmas party.
 We like to do Christmas breakfast for dinner at our CG Christmas parties. Waffles, with whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, bacon, sausage, coffee, orange juice, syrup, and butter. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. Sam decided to wear his on his shirt instead of eating it. Actually he got bumped.

 The hubby and I took the kids to our local theme park Dollywood. Little A had so much fun with daddy riding the rides.
 First time on the Ferris wheel.
 Family pic. Calvin is hiding in the reindeer hat trying to stay warm against mommy.
 This whole tree is decked out, the trunk and every branch.
 Even the building were covered in lights. It was so fun to see.
 More lights.
 Annie helping mommy make sugar cookies. This was just before she dumped my whole Vanilla Extract into the green icing. Yah! it smells good honey, but that much doesn't taste very good.

 My grandmother on Dads side was able to join us this year for Christmas. So much fun having her. I only hope we didn't all overwhelm her. There are quite a few of us. Let's see, two parents, seven kids, four spouses, five grandkids, plus Seann (a friend adopted into the family) makes 19 people under one roof all opening gifts for Christmas. Yeah!! it's a lot.
Poppy reading the Night Before Christmas to the grandkids minus Hudson on Christmas eve.
 Christmas in Chattanooga. Dancing with Grammy.
 Must have been ring-around-the-rosies.
 Of course when the ipad comes out, the kids flock to it.
 Sweet girls. Love them. They are so cute.
 Grammy with all her babies. Is it just me, or does Calvin's head look really small compared to the rest of the kiddos. Granted he is the youngest but still haha. I love him so.
 Yeah! we know what we like. All the girls have matching slippers now. Love them.
 My little man, holding his hands.
 The Andrews men and their no shave November and don't shave December beards.
 Family pic. Pretty much the only one we have.
Annie dressed up in Lucy's Fireman outfit. So fun. Notice her cute little house slippers too. She loves them. I'm not sure why I don't have many pictures of Christmas at my own families house.

Well now that we are caught up again we'll see about making posts more frequently so I don't have to do little one sentence recaps.
See Ya! 

Yours truly