Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catch up time.

So I feel like we have done more these past two weeks than I have done in a long time. I guess now that I am feeling a little better and the weather is warming up some, we have been itching to get out and do more, and do more we have. I'll update with the following pics, and Bri I finally have a pregnancy pic for you. Wait till you see my belly. It will be at the bottom.

As we finally had the first of many decent days, we decided to grill brats and enjoy the deck out back a little. Here are my two favorite people in the whole wide world.

A couple weeks ago we got invited by my sister in law Sarah to go to Bounce USA. It's a whole gym full of bounce equipment that the kids can run around on. Sarah got us in for free so it was 
A-w-e-s-o-m-e-.  What a great way to let the kids burn some energy. Annie loved the little area for under two year olds. This was a slide she went down tons of times. She thought she was so cool and old. Look at that strange face she is making. Uh Oh! I hope she is not making a poo.
 This was part of the same one. It made me want to be a kid again just so I could play in there.
 Here is Aunt Sarah taking her down the BIG slide. This thing was like 30 feet tall. You almost lose your stomach going down it. My brave little girl loved it so much that after a couple of times with me, she was trying to go ahead of me without waiting. I don't know how I feel about these little signs of independence. It makes me sad to think that one day she won't need her mommy anymore. Right now she counts on me for everything, and I can't imagine it any other way. Oh well, we all grow up right?
 So our church had a ladies  night called Legacy Night out. It was an awesome event that provided a large amount of tables decorated for different themes and such to help give us homemakers ideas of ways we can dress up our own tables for events and special occasions. It was not to try and intimidate us, which some of those tables did scare me a little (haha) but to try and help us out by giving us ideas and ways they did it cheap. I had the privilege of being a hostess for one of the tables. That just means I had a cheat sheet that told me how this particular table came together, and I got to tell all the women who came up to the table all about it. My table theme was sweet dots. In this pic, I had already removed the best part of the whole table which was giant gum balls, and blow pops that filled those glass jars because we were already cleaning up. It was such a fun evening, and I had a blast getting to help out.
 I had to throw this pic in here because I think it is so cute the way A props her foot up on our seats. She just looks so relaxed and cute. I think I need to do something about that hair now though. It looks a little funky if I don't have it up. She may need her first trim.
 So on Saturday, we got invited to a UT baseball game by our friend Jordan. It was very nice of him to think of us. I'm sure we were like the tenth person down his list, but hey, we are just thankful he thought of us. It was Annie, Scott and I's first time going to a UT game. Not only did we get to go, but we got MVP tickets. That means we had free access to as much free food, and ice cream, and hot dogs, and popcorn, and drinks as we wanted. I had mac'n'cheese (which was really yummy for this pregnant mommy who craves it often), a hot dog (classic baseball game food), popcorn, salad, and ice cream. Hey I was hungry and it was free. Everything was delicious. Here is a pic of the ice cream. I mean come on, how could you resist when it was all free.
 I had to snap a photo of the food table  because it looked so gourmet for a baseball game. Haha.
 Annie and I enjoying the game. She did such a good job sitting through the whole game without getting fussy or upset. It was such a gorgeous night to be outside too. We couldn't have asked for a better evening.
 Had to get a shot of the whole fam. We had great seats too. Annie loved the popcorn, she had a little of  mine, some of daddies, some of mister Jordan's, and the rest of the nice lady who sat behind us. That's right, she brought out the puppy dog eyes, eye-balling the lady, and she couldn't resist so she gave the rest to Annie, who politely ate the rest.She was very nice. 
 Sunday was beautiful too, so after church Annie and I joined Scott for a game of golf. He golfed with two other guys and we drove the cart for him.
 Yesterday, (which was Wed) was sunny and hot and a group of us went to the Zoo. I love taking A to the zoo, because every time we go, I think she enjoys it more and more. She actually can find the animals now when I try to point them out to her. Here is the whole group of kids. Annie is related to half of them. Haha.
 Here Annie is enjoying watching the penguins do nothing. I think she was actually looking at the lady cleaning their poo out of the water in their room.
 The zoo has this awesome play building that resembles a little city if you would call it that . It has all kinds of little areas like a kitchen where you cook pizzas, an area where you cut up food for the animals, all fake of course. Ty is here cutting up apples for the gorillas. Heehee, he is so cute. He wants to be like the big kids, but he is still so little, it's adorable.
 Annie was being the vet here and giving shots to sick animals. Just kidding, I dressed her up and took a pic, and as soon as I took it, she was like ok, let's move on.
 Here's the dark tunnel near the barn in that play area. We had to go in with the kids the first time so they weren't scared. (I guess Annie does still need her mommy) After they saw that nothing was going to jump out and eat them, they were ok to go in by themselves. Miss Holly helping out.
 Annie and Rev going for a cruise. Unfortunately the vehicle didn't actually move, but hey, they didn't know the difference.
 Two of Annies boy cousins. Ty (on the left) from mommy's side, and Owen (right) from daddy's side. Believe it or not, Ty is actually several months older than Owen.
 Annie loved the carousel ride. If I knew how to put videos up, I would have put one up of Annie smiling and laughing while riding. Here she and Lucy sat next to each other, and both were having a great time.
 Another reason I have been keeping us busy this week is because Scott was out of town most of the week. If I don't get out and do stuff while he is away I go bonkers. Especially when he is gone for so long. So I have been wanting to re-decorate our room for a while now. I was getting tired of the brown and wanted to refresh the master bedroom. I picked out this grey and white bedding from Bed bath and beyond, that my parents graciously bought us for christmas, and Sam got us grey comfy sheets too. So this week I finally painted the master bedroom and purchased some decorative pillows and frames and such to change up the whole look of the room. I LOVE how it came out. I think everyone should refresh their master bedroom every once in a while to keep it enjoyable to be in. I always want our room to be a place to relax and enjoy, and be peaceful. Here is the before shot, taken when we first got married. And below is the new look. I think it's an upgrade, how about you? Oh yeah, we also went from a queen to a king bed.
 I painted the closet doors nice and white too. As you can see when I put them back in they look a little janky. I guess Scott will have to fix that. Oh and the fist size hole I busted in the wall while trying to hang a picture too. I know what you are thinking, and I did NOT punch a whole in the wall on purpose. It happened from the nail, it was a weak spot.
 I also re painted the bathroom while I was at it. I got some pics to hang, and new towels and soap dish and bath rug. It's funny how much you have to replace when completely changing the color scheme.
 And last but not least, here is the belly shot. This was taken this morning after I had french toast for breakfast. We will be 16 weeks tomorrow. This pregnancy is going by so much faster than the first. I think I am already going through nesting because I have a huge list of stuff we have to do before the baby gets here. One of them I knocked out, which was our room. Now I have to do Annie's room, and the babies room. Annie is going to be moved into the guest room. She is upgrading from her crib to a queen size bed. I have a feeling this will take some major training with her, hopefully she will transition well. I think thats why I am nesting, because I know that we will probably need a few months of training before she does well, and we will be moving baby into the new room probably soon after he/she is born. Plus, I don't want to be doing stuff right before the baby is born. I would like to have some time to relax and enjoy Annie, and not be rushing around trying to finish stuff.
Sorry for the overload of info and pics, we just happened to do a lot recently and I needed to get these up for you all, or the two of you who actually read this blog. Haha!
Yours truly.