Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Update!

Well we finally had our first doctor appointment yesterday and got to see our little teddy graham's good strong heartbeat of 171.  Being pregnant doesn't feel real in your mind until you see the actual baby in there and hear a heartbeat (although my body could tell you otherwise). We even got to see our little one squirm. I always get so nervous going in for appointments. I don't know why. I guess i'm afraid there is going to be some bad news or something instead of trusting God and enjoying the whole experience. The great news is, I got hooked up with some meds for the nauseau. The horrible news is, they only take a little edge off it. I had my hopes up hoping it would cure me so I could function normally again, and feel normal again. Oh Well at least they keep me from gagging all day long. I'll just be taking it easy these next few weeks until hopefully the morning sickness goes away at 13 weeks like it did for Annie. Pray that it does. Pray like you have never prayed before my friend. I have never been more thankful for my sweet husband who has taken on household duties when he gets home from work. So he goes and works all day long, then comes home and feeds Annie dinner, gets me something to eat, cleans up Annie's messes, changes her diapers, cleans up dinner, gets her ready for bed,.....the list goes on. He has not complained at all. He is so kind in telling me to lie down and rest. (I think he just doesn't like hearing me gag when I get up and try to help,ha-ha). Anyway, i'm much more excited about pregnancy now after seeing our little one with the exact same due date Annie had. Can you believe that? I thought I was timing it correctly to where this new baby would not be born around mine and Annie's birthdays. I guess I miss calculated. Little bean is due August 31st, which was Annie's due date, which means he/she will probably be born on or close to Sept 6-7. Oh well, We can get all our birthdays celebrated close and be free the rest of the year. HaHa. Heres a few recent pics for ya Ben and Bri. Miss you guys.

8 weeks.
Annie Banannie
Little Teddy Graham #2.

Thats it for now. Time to go take a nap, since sleep is my only escape from sickness right now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seattle Part 2 and baby update!

Well, Here are the rest of our pics from Seattle, scroll down to the bottom to get the baby update if thats all you wanna see. HeeHee.
Parking where we weren't supposed too. It's ok we didn't stay long and we didn't get caught.

More Gorgeous! Amazing views

Beautiful sunset.

We went to this awesome bowling ally called "Acme Bowl"
It was the nicest bowling ally I have ever been in. 
Peter's Stand

Bethany's Stand

Scotty's Stand. He is so sexy!

And my big butt stand. Mine looks so different because I am left-handed  so I throw from the opposite side. Come on people I know what you are thinking.

Trying on a $2,000.00 dress. I fit so wonderfully, I wanted to be a celebrity just so I could walk down the red carpet in it.
Another fun dress. Wasn't quite as comfortable as the red one. What's funny is the red one didn't look that great on the rack but Bethany wanted me to try it on so I did, and was beautiful.

Ben and Bri's new home for the next year.

Signing all the paperwork.

Taking a pic in the new apartment. It's a cute little apartment, and even has a gas fireplace.

Ok, this is hard to see but we ate at this nice seafood restaurant called Salties, and our view through those big glass windows was the city line of Seattle. It was awesome!!!!

 Ben and Bri!
 Rocking the bibs.
Yummy chocolate desert from the Salish Lodge, at Snoqualmie falls. And that about sums up our trip in a nutshell.
 And now for the baby update. Well this has been a difficult early pregnancy for me. with Annie I had minimal nausea, and it only really came on with after taste from foods. I know it sounds weird right, but this time around I feel like I have been more weak more often, queasy a lot, and I constantly feel hungry, that nagging hunger pang you get in the pit of your stomach I feel like I have it all the time. The hard part is, I have food aversion to ALL FOOD!!!! I have to force myself to eat so I don't get weak. I am praying that the Lord gives me strength, and wisdom in caring for myself during this time, so that I can still care for little A (Annie). It's actually kind of scary, without Scott around thinking if I get really weak, how am I going to take care of A. But I must take care to eat well, and continue to pray for a strength from the Lord that I cannot create on my own. Oh Ya! I also feel like I am growing a lot faster this time around. But it's not baby growth, at least not all of it. I have been feeling really bloated and large. I eat a little bit of food and feel huge instantly. But some of it is things getting changed around in my innards too. At least thats what I like to think. Hopefully I will feel better soon, so I can start working out again. Oh Yeah, I have also been having to pee so much more often this time around. Perhaps that means it will be a boy? who knows. We have our first doctor appointment on the 25th, so we can at least get a real confirmation of pregnancy and see the heartbeat. We will be 8 weeks then. This is my seven week pic, sorry I didn't get six weeks, but there is not a lot of change going on right now anyway.

Well thats all for today folks. Thanks for checking in.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle

Well we just got back from a week in Seattle, WA. My first ever trip to that part of the northwest, and can I just say... I loved it. I wish I was not dealing with morning sickness that happened to hit me the day before we left. Folks I don't know who came up with morning sickness, but it is an all day experience let me tell you. This pregnancy so far is so different than my last. I don't remember being sick hardly at all with Annie, and now I am in it full throttle every day. I just have to remember that it will all be worth it in the end, and I am so thankful that God has blessed us again with pregnancy. Anyway, back to our Seattle trip. Prepare for an overload of pics. We left Annie behind with Deb and Durie and she had so much fun I don't think she even missed us at all.

First she had to say goodbye to uncle Ben and Aunt Bri since she wasn't going to Seattle with us.

Bethany and I got to fly out together to meet our men who were already there. We were surprised by how tiny our first plane was from Knoxville to Chicago. It felt a little cramped....just a little.

Drinking our in flight drinks. I had no idea Bethany liked tomato juice. No thank you for me, i'll stick with the cran-apple juice.

I thought this was awesome. At the chicago airport they had these covers on the toilet seats. Yeah I know it's gross I took a picture, but I love how you just wave your hand over the sensor and it spins our a new fresh cover.

 Bethany and I visited some shops at Bellvue while they guys were taking care of their customers. The whole reason we were all there. What stores did we visit you ask. Ohh You know we put on our fancy Tarje (Target) attire and decided to visit a few stores where we seriously considered making some purchases.
Bethany almost bought this $400.00 Louis Vuitton clutch.

She had to talk me out of buying this $750.00 purse. 

Then we went to Hermes, where apparently this store was originally created for horse tack and gear. Now they sell $1,000.00 belts for women.
The Price

The Belt.

All that was nothing compared to this $13,000.00 fur coat. Of course neither of us decided to buy this since we don't support the killing of animals for fashion.

This is Mount Rainier, unfortunately this was the only pic I got of it. Never really had a great view. We wanted to visit but we went to Snoqualmie Pass instead.

 Breakfast at Mitzels. Delicious eggs benedict.

A view driving into downtown Seattle.

Random totem pole in the middle of downtown. did't take the time to learn why it was there. It may have just been random, or there might have been some history or significant meaning to it. Oh well, I will never know.

 Grabbing our starbucks before exploring the city.

The ports were so awesome to look at. All those huge cargo ships with thousands of pods on them filled with stuff from all over the world.
Cool carving. Bethany was getting her but kissed by the whale. Yeah! I know...she's crazy.

The market. If I lived here I would get fresh fruit and veggies all the time. I probably wouldn't be hitting this area up, because I am not a big fan of seafood. But it was cool to see. This is where sleepless in Seattle had some scenes.

Scott got some dungeoness crab, and loved it. This crab was on every menu in every restaurant we went to. Even on eggs benedict, which I am told was very good. I will never know.

Beautifully created bouquets of flowers

The original Starbucks ever. Major line waiting to go in.

SStanding in front of a cheese shop where they make the cheese right there. I literally almost threw up when the guys made us taste some cheese without telling us what kind it was. It was blu cheese and it was disgusting. I'm not a fan of blu cheese to start with, but mix that with morning sickness nauseousness, and you have a girl who ran out of the store crying almost puking on everyone on the way out. 

The fresh Produce.
This is the seat Tom Hanks sat in, in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

The Ports

Eating some of our yummy food from the market.

 Bethany kissing the great wall of gum. Yuck! (she didn't really touch it, don't worry)
Snoqualmie Falls
 Big beautiful trees. You don't see these in the Smokies.
Driving to find snow.......and getting close.

 I have never seen anything like this before back home.
 Beautiful scenery. not found in the mountains of Tennessee. It's beautiful back home, but out in the west, it's just a different beauty altogether.
 We found Snow!!! climbing a random hill.
 More beautiful trees.
 We found a ski slope

Kissing picture.

Alright, now that have bored you with millions of pics, and stories  I am going to stop here, and continue our trip in another post.