Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread House and Ear Piercings! Ohh My!!!

(Above) - She sat so still and was so good during the prep for the piercing.

Now that I have a little girl and I get to be at home a lot, I think about fun things I could do. Annie is obviously still a little young for a lot of holiday crafts, but I can't help but do a few myself. I intended for her to help me with the Gingerbread house but she had to go to bed by the time I was ready to do it. I think she probably would have tried to eat everything anyway so it worked out. Note to self....don't do a gingerbread house at 11:00p.m., you will eat a lot of sugary icing and be awake longer than you originally intended. Since my darling husband took a business trip and left me home, I decided to surprise him with something when he got home. I took Annie and myself to get our ears pierced. I got a second piercing so I would know what she was about to get. (It's been so long since I got my first ones that I don't remember how painful it was, just a little pinch and pain for like two minutes) She was so good, and five minutes after it they did it, she didn't even remember what they did. Now as Scott says she looks like a little diva.
The design I followed from the box. Hey I gotta have something to work from.

side view. So much fun, it's too bad we won't actually eat the candy or the gingerbread house.
the process.
Finished. I think this was her third dum-dum lollipop. Hey can you blame me? I felt bad for the short term pain I let them inflict upon her.
Ta Ta for now.

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