Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Failure!

Well I have officially failed to give thanks for something every day this month as it is Thanksgiving at the end of this month. It's not that i'm not thankful, it's just if I have something else interesting to post i'm more inclined to getting on here and doing it. Besides, who wants to just read a post about what i am thankful for. I'm sure you would rather be more interested in seeing pics, and hearing fun stories, and getting ideas from things we do. Well I do have a couple of pictures to post. We recently went on our all girls annual pigeon forge weekend shopping trip. Well Thurs.-Sat. Believe me, it takes all that given time to find the deals and spend the money. My wonderful parents and darling husband gave me money to spend all on myself. I have to admit I feel guilty using it all for me, so I end up buying a little something for Scott like boxers, and stuff for annie too. It is always exhausting, but it would not have been possible if my mother-in-law had not watched Annie for me. Thanks Deb! I forgot my camera on the trip so instead of me, we get to see pics of what Annie and grammy did while I was away.
This was from my phone of day one shopping!
Getting fueled up at the Pancake Pantry for breakfast on day three of shopping.
Annie cousin Lucy and Grammy reading a story
Having a snack
Walking off the snack.
Having another snack
Posing with cousins for photo op
Posing with cousins and grammy
Whew! Seems like Annie had a lot more going on than me. She was such a busy little girl.
And below I had to add this photo of her bed-head this morning.
Well I'm very excited about the holidays and hope to have some fun stuff to post soon.
Later Alligators.

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