Friday, November 4, 2011

Hudson locked us out!

I know it has been a couple of days but we were on the road returning home from Charleston. Today I want to be thankful for the home that I live in. I am so blessed to have a home and food to eat every day, I am not without want. Well I guess I will always be wanting something, my heart is always longing for more things, be it material, or superficial things, I will never be fully satisfied until I meet my Father in Heaven and he fills that want with himsfelf. Oh I can't wait for the day. Annie is thankful to be back home with all of her toys so she can terrorize the house and find her favorite toy the cheese grater. So to end our adventures from Charleston on the return home we stopped at a little farmers stand off an exit, and after walking around a few minutes, hudson was on Peter's shoulders trying to help his daddy out by sticking his fingers up Peter's nose, and in his ears, and pulling on his hair. So Peter decided to put Hudson back in the car and let him hang out until they were done looking. Well............ Hudson saw it as the perfect opportunity to lock himself and the keys in the car so he could eat all the snacks in the car without anyone to stop him. We called AAA and while waiting for them to arrive a fireman happened to be parked near us, so he called in the big boys and the fire dept. came out and was able to get the car unlocked quickly. Don't worry, Hudson had plenty of time t
o finish off his snacks before they got in. HaHa, what an adventure.
Above- HaHa You think i'm going to let you in when I can eat all these doughnuts without anyone to stop me? I don't thin so.

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