Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy First of November!!!

We'll it's officially the Holiday season on my calendar. This month is Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas and New Year's. I think everyday this month Annie and I are going to share something that we are thankful for. Today I want to thank the Lord for my family. My sweet little girl, and my amazing handsome husband. They are a gift to me, and I pray that God would bless them and, help me to always be thankful for them, and love them, and care for them with a selfless heart. Annie is thankful for food, cause she gets kind of grumpy if she doesn't get food for a while. We are currently visiting Charleston, SC this week, so Annie dressed up as a little bumble bee to go out to dinner on Halloween. We have been enjoying walking around downtown, and enjoying some beautiful fall weather. Here are some pics of little Bumble Bee Annie.

Annie and Mommy

Annie and Daddy
Eating at Bubba Gump's and tempting Daddy to tickle her neck.

Peter and Bethany and their little buddy Hudson. So fun to watch Annie and Hudson play together and try and talk to each other in their own little languages.
That's all for now folks.Check back tomorrow to find something else we are thankful for.
Or don't.

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