Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Shower , Updates, and Baby watch

Well, we are now in week 39 of pregnancy. Not much has changed, except for the fact that I feel like a whale, and have no energy or motivation to do anything, and I have been having some more painful Braxton hicks contractions. When I was pregnant with Annie I feel like towards the end I was nesting a lot and getting a lot done, but this time I went through nesting like 4 months ago and the feeling has not come back since. Oh well. I can't say how ready I am for Calvin's arrival. Sleep has been getting harder. My nose is stuffy, and every time I roll over at night I get heartburn, contractions, more stuffiness in my nose and Calvin starts moving around, then I feel awake and start thinking and can't turn my brain off. I'm thinking God designed our bodies this way to get ready for midnight feedings and wake-ups with baby.
 So, I have started packing my hospital bag, and got some of the stuff out to pack for baby, but I have not felt rushed to get this done because I am preparing to go a week past my due date which still gives me a little over two weeks to finish. Of course, theres still a lot to be done before baby comes. I need to stock the kitchen, buy mattress and sheet protectors for Annies bed (since she has decided that sleeping naked from the waist down is more comfortable than having a diaper on occasionally), buy sheets and changing pad covers for Calvin's room, and other little things that occasionally will pop into my head that we need to do or get before Calvin comes. With all that said, I am getting so excited that the time is drawing closer and closer to meet him.

     Annie, oh what to say about that little stinker. As I mentioned before she has recently developed a habit of taking her bottoms, and diaper off while in bed for naptime and sometimes bedtime at night. It's so funny when she comes walking out of her room with her little booty showing, of course it's not so funny going into her room and finding a nice big wet spot on the bed for us to clean up. I'm just glad she hasn't done the other thing yet, you know what I mean..... She is such a sweet little girl and so joyful and loving. She loves to get into bed with Scott and I in the mornings and snuggle and look at pictures and videos on our phones. She even knows how to unlock our phone and pull up the pictures all by herself.  She is getting so smart now, she is starting to find excuses as to why she shouldn't be in bed like she needs more water in her cup, or she took her diaper off, or some other reason. It's kind of funny actually.
     She finally says thank you after we do things for her without having to be prompted to, which is very encouraging to me to see that making her repeat it all the time is finally paying off. She loves to dance and is starting to sing parts of songs now. She likes "Row Row Row your Boat", and the Happy Birthday song. She tries to sing parts of them and it's so cute. I wish I knew how to put videos up so I could show you, especially for you Ben and Bri. I'll just have to send some videos from my phone to you.
    Enough talk now, I'm sure you want to look at pictures.....

Here is my little pumpkin waving at the turtle that was in our neighborhood recently. She was shy about touching it, but loved looking and waving at it.
 Again waving at it, but not getting too close. I did eventually make her touch it to see that it wouldn't hurt her and teach her not to be fearful of little turtles if mommy says its ok.
 I had to put this up. I realize it's not the most flattering picture of her but this NEVER! happens. She would never normally fall asleep in my arms, but on this particular day she just snuggled up with me and fell asleep. It melted my heart and felt so good.
 We recently went to Target and for some reason she fell in love with this chair, while we were looking at stuff down the aisle she just pointed this chair at us, and sat down in it. She loved it, so we got it for her to put in her room. I'm thinking we are going to wait and give it to her for her birthday. Yes I know, she has no shoes on in the store, i'm not sure why.......
 And here are my two favorite people in the whole wide world. We went to ihop for breakfast last Saturday morning and it was lovely. I love spending time with them. Annie is such a big girl sitting next to daddy and eating and drinking all by herself.
 We got to go to a wedding recently and we had to watch Hudson during the ceremony because Peter and Bethany were both in the wedding party. We pulled out our phones for them to keep them quiet. Annie was captivated by the jungle book on youtube, but hudson soon tired of videos and was having more fun wanting to play with Annie. He did pretty good until like 20 minutes before it was over so Scott had to take him out, but not before he and Annie made everyone laugh, after a song or something they both started clapping and saying Yay!!!
 This is a really neat picture on the wall that Scott's mom (thanks Deb) brought back actually from Africa, to go with Calvins african theme in the room, and it was framed by Scott's brother Josh with really cool old style barn wood. I love it so much. Thanks again guys, this is something special we will cherish.
 This was taken just this morning. The weather was a beautiful 65 degrees this morning and dry. It actually felt like fall might actually be around the corner. I can't wait for fall, and this mornings weather is really spoiling me, so we had to eat breakfast outside and swing on her swing.
 Oh this was from the wedding, she was dancing all over the dance floor with all the other kids there.
 My sister Shannon recently threw a baby shower for me, and it was wonderful. I am so thankful for her and everyone that helped and came to celebrate with us. I feel funny having another shower since I already had one with Annie, but it is nice that Calvin won't be stuck with everything pink. The decorations were fabulous and so African safari. Those fabric patterns you see in this pic on top of the piano are going to be made into a blanket by my lovely mother for Calvin. I can't wait to see how it comes out.
 More decor...
 This was the food table and all the food was delicious, but I think I loved the Diaper cake the most. I had never seen one in person before and Shannon made this one look so African and cool. She made everything look so good, and got me even more excited about having this as the theme in his room.
 These were some delicious cake pops that Shannon made also. Look at those cute patterns, she may need to go into cake decorating or something. not only did they look good, but they tasted amazing.
 This was the flavor.
Well that brings us up to date again. I hope the next update will be welcoming baby Calvin but who knows we'll see.

Yours Truly