Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charelston SC - Discover Kids.

Princess Annie in her castle.

So Happy November 2nd. Yesterday we visited an awesome Discover Kids Museum type thing and It made me wish I was a kid again. At least I had Annie there so I could pretend we were there for her. HaHa. It was a long building and in each room was a different theme, There was a castle, pirate ship, golf ball room, grocery store, and water room. Each room was educational teaching you about something, but very hands on and interactive. They had costumes for some rooms, and everything was for the kids. I think if Annie was a little older she would have liked it even more, but she enjoyed exploring everything. I think her favorite thing was driving the pirate ship. Probably because daddy let's her drive his truck, what shhhhh, no I didn't just say that. erase that from your memory. Of course he doesn't do that..........

Anyway Today Annie is thankful that she gets to ride all over town in her stroller, and not have to walk. And I am thankful that God has given me a healthy body with working limbs so I can push Annie around in her stroller. I take for granted every day the fact that I can walk and function normally. I complain when I feel a little under the weather, but it reminds me how fragile I am, and I always want to be thankful that God is my protector, and he sustains my life every single day. So Thank you Lord, for giving me life, I only pray that you would be glorified in it.

Princess Annie looking down on all her peasants, and Sir Hudson standing guard and protecting the princess.
Wishing she could be normal not royalty, and live a normal fun life like the other children her age.

They loved getting in the pit where all the golf balls were rolling into. They had fun facts around the room too, that had to do with the activities, like gravity and all that good stuff. Yeah. I'm gonna need a lot of help when it comes to homeschooling my chitlins.

Below is the water room, where they could paint with water on the chalkboard wall, and play with boats and learn about levies and all that. Cute little aprons to keep them dry. Hudson preferred to dump the water out so he could splash in it. Such a boy.

The pirate ship was awesome. It had everything. Around the ship they even had different knots you could learn to tie with rope and instructions. I learned the square knot. As you can see Annie was at the helm, and wasn't letting poor Hudson have a turn.

Poor little Annie was sent to jail because she didn't cut the carrots right for the stew. She doesn't understand what she did wrong.... (Adorable little costume they had)
So they put Bethany in charge of the cooking, she had a little trouble not letting the fist get away from her.

Well that's all for now folks. Check back for more adventures soon. I wish I took more large pictures showing just how cool the rooms were, but oh well. You live and learn.
See Ya!!!!!


  1. Bethany was telling me about this place before so it's great to see pictures of it! So fun! And even more fun that you guys got to travel together!!

  2. Yeah it was awesome. I think you would like it if you guys ever go to Charleston, you should go there. We had a blast with them, especially since we both have kids around the same age.