Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adventures as of late….

Well, you know me, always likes to take a big break in between posts. But I do think I have a pretty good excuse this time. I had a baby 8 weeks ago!!!! Yes, I am now caring for three children, 3 years old and under. That takes a lot of time and effort and work, so I have been busy adjusting to this new life of mine. It's been a blast, but oh so busy. It also doesn't help that its the holiday season so we have been busy hanging out with family and such. Now that I have given my delayed posting reasons, here goes our photo catch up……P.S. These aren't in the exact date order.

Here below we celebrate having our little man in our lives for One whole year. that's right September 9th was Calvin's 1st Birthday. He has become such a joyful little boy and as long as he has food in his stomach, and is rested, he is the happiest boy, and he LOVES going outside. He is now 14 months since this pic and has still decided he doesn't want to walk yet. We think he can, he is just lazy.
 Father and son, oh be still my heart.
 Big sissy was helping bathe her little brother.
 So this was me at 40 weeks pregnant. I didn't expect my little one to arrive for another week or so, but she turned out to be my earliest baby at 5 days over my due date. My littlest one too.
 This was my first baby with an epidural, and let me tell you…..Completely different experiece. This was me relaxing while I was getting ready to push. It was so great to only feel pressure and no pain. I probably could have gone without it and been fine, since I was managing contractions pretty well when I was 8-9 cm. But I was determined to have one all throughout my pregnancy. My last baby was a bit fast and intense for me, so I kept thinking this was going to be the same if I didn't get the epidural. I think the epidural did slow me down a bit, I ended up being 9 cm for like two hours. I wouldn't change any of my birth experinces for anything.
 A family of 5 now. It's kind of funny having to babies so close in age. My 12 month old son is still my baby, but now he was so big compared to our 7lb 11oz addition.
 Going home to start life with three kids. It actually has been a pretty easy transition so far.
 Daddy with another daughter to protect.
 Cousins Libby and TyTy came over to visit Ava. They love babies.
 Here is all the cousins on the hubby's side of the family. That's a lot of young kids coming from only two brothers and their wives. Six kids all 4 and under.
 Visiting the zoo a couple weeks after Ava was born. The weather was beautiful, and I was probably wanting to get out of the house, so we went with my sister and her kids.
 I don't have a stroller that carries three children so the baby was carried by me the whole time. Looks like Annie is going to have to get used to walking a lot more now.

 So my younger brother recently got married to his love and my parents threw a rehearsal dinner party with a Gatsby theme because my new sister in law loves gatsby. It was such a fun party, and everyone dressed up for it. Here I am with my parents and sister.
 My handsome stud muffin. He is just too good looking for me.
 My youngest brother Sam with my nephew Hawkins who is so stinking adorable.
 This was some of the decor for the party. My mom is a creative genius. Maybe I should have her plan my kids birthday parties.
 Here are all the sisters in our family now( with David in there too). Once my baby brother gets married that will complete us on the girls side. Hopefully not too soon though.
 David and Lindsey at their wedding. She was a gorgeous bride.
 My little stud Jr. He looks goofy in this picture, but I just had to get a pic of him in his little suit and tie. So cute, don't you think?
 We also attended Boo at the Zoo for the first time. It was a fun experience for the kids, especially Annie. We might have to make a tradition to go to this every year, instead of trick or treating.
 What is fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving without a pumpkin. I didn't get an after picture but she painted it and sprinkled glitter all over it too. She like playing with the pumpkin guts.
 Playing in the leaf pile daddy made. Let me just say, when they had their baths later, the water was brown, and I had to scoop leaves out of it. Don't ask me where the leaves were hidden on their person, because i'm still trying to figure that out myself.
 This boy loves, loves, loves, his blanket that his Nana made him. That's two for three kids that have become attached to their blankets from Nana.
 We had our annual fall day again, and I am happy to say that Every person in our family was there that evening. Nicole didn't arrive til later that night, but we were all there. With such a large family, it's hard to get everyone together at once. My brother even came up from Florida with his family. Below is our egg toss competition.
 Getting some snuggles with my adorable nephew Hawkins. We miss him.
 Pumpkin seed spitting was a new game we added to the competition this year.
 On Halloween we dressed up and visited daddy at work. We love any excuse to go see him.
 Calvin was a Tiger this year, and my brother-in-law Matt asked if he was Calvin in Hobbes. I didn't even make the connection when I dressed him up, but I love it.
 Scotty and I decided to take the kids and go to the mountains a few Sundays ago. It was gorgeous. I can't believe i'm so blessed to live so close to such beautiful mountains. I wish I visited more often.
 We went on the Cades Cove loop. The kids loved not having to be strapped in their car seats. They sat up with us the whole time.
 Annie got to sight see from the sun-roof.
 this was my little Ava finding her fingers a week and a half ago. She has yet to do it again. HAHA.
 So last week we went to a cabin in the mountains with Scott's family. I know we are packing a lot in, but hey it's the holidays, what do you expect. We were there for 4 days, and it was lovely and relaxing. No place to be. the girls wanted Scott to paint their nails while there. He has a lot of experience since Annie is always wanting him to paint her nails at home.
 Going for a walk with Grammy and PawPaw.
 Snuggling my sweet. I am cherishing this short time where she sleeps so well in my arms. It will pass quickly and I will miss it.
 The cabin had a pool table and Calvin wanted to try his hand at the sport.
 Hot tub time. Don't worry, we didn't keep the kids in there for long.
 We had a visitor on our deck one evening. He was not scared of the kids banging on the glass at all, in fact, he wanted to come in the cabin with us, and tried scraping at the door to get in.
 See what I mean, she loves when Daddy paints her nails.
 Scott was determined to fix his 4-wheeler up this summer and get it running again. It still needs a little work, but sure enough he got it running and working pretty good.
 Our little princess still loves dressing up like a princess.
 Painting outside.
 He got carried away.
 Septemeber 6th Annie turned 3 and got pink and purple cupcakes. We didn't do anything big this year for the kids since I was due to have a baby the next week. Yes, we have all three babies born in September.
 We did get to take her to her first movie though and that was fun. Pizza at the mall, then Planes at the movie theatre.

 My little newborn. This was at a couple weeks old.
 Scott got himself a motorcycle, Actually we both enjoy it, because on date night I get to ride with him if the weather is nice. We love the bike. I know it is dangerous, and I pray that he stays safe on it every time he drives it to work. He is so good looking, i'd jump on the back of his bike any time.
 This was from when we went to the zoo again. I don't know how they got seperated, but I didn't feel like moving the pics around.
 Date Night!!!!!
 Playing in the leaves at the cousins house.
 Sweet girl.
 I love when she sleeps on me. I can't get my other kids to do that for the life of me.
 Now when daddy comes home from work, this is what he comes home to. Three kids to greet and love on.
Until next time,
Yours  Truly