Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventure Part: 3

Jumping right back into it......
So the day after rock climbing and stuff we decided to head down to Bar Harbor Maine. It was a cute little town on the water. We took a lobster boat tour where a man took us out and explained to us everything about lobstering. It was very interesting. He also took us to see seals, and a lighthouse. We also got lucky and saw this bald eagle. Hard to see from the bad picture quality.
 The seals were basking in the sun. They are hard to spot also. Sorry!!
 This poor little trooper got pooped out and fell asleep on the boat. She just goes with the flow and missed a lot of naps in the afternoons, so sometimes she just fell asleep wherever she was. I think the humming and rocking of the boat helped out here a little.
 She slept almost the whole boat ride.
 Here is a lobster trap. There is so much to the trap, it has to meet all these standards that the government I guess issues to make sure the other critters can escape, and so the lobstering is maintained to a certain degree so they don't deplete the species. There are also rules about keeping females and such. It was pretty interesting.
 This guy was totally legit. He looked like a chubby George Clooney to me. It made me think of the perfect storm. Sad Movie. He was a fun guy.
 Eating on the harbor after our lobster excursion.
 This little lobster was a keeper.
 The Man Store. I got the baby a little onesie that said Hellooooo Ladies. A little black and white tux. It's so cute.
 Annie loved helping daddy set up the camper.
 Sunset on top of Cadillac Mountain.
 Watching the sun go down.
 No wonder she was such a good little girl while traveling. HaHa, just kidding, don't worry she did not get any of this. She was just holding it for the guys who were over 21 mind you.
 Hello Boston, MA

 Walking the Freedom Trail. It was the easily spotted red line and brick that took you to all historical points in the city.
 Proud to be an American.
 These pews in the churches were bought by families back in the day. So crazy. Good way to contain your children though.
 Don't ask me whats going on here because i'm not entirely sure. These guys are crazy.
 Paul Revere.
 Eating at a little cafe in the Italian district of Boston.
This picture is for later. I'll explain later. The story is below, but here is the wheel
 This is the play area at the food court
 And this is the outside of the shopping center.
 So after our Cafe lunch we headed back on the freedom trail. We were still in the italian district area, and when in Italy, do as the italians do.....

 So we got canolli's at Mike's Pastry shop which must have been the best place in town because everyone was there getting pastries.
 And Dad bought a cigar and sat outside and and enjoyed the day, with coffee.
 Here are the yummy pastries. We got a Boston Cream Pie (Scott's favorite), Tiramasu (My Favorite), a chocolate mousse cannolli, and some cookies. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!
 Look at that. Yummy.
 City background.
 The whole Family. Thanks Robby for taking the pic.
 Love this cobblestone street. Old town.
 Dad being his silly self.
 This market was filled with amazing scents from all kinds of food stores. Too bad we were too hungry before we made it here.
 I don't know.
 Visual Aid. Haha. The very spot where it happened. I always thought the massacre was a very large amount of people killed, but really only five people died and nine were injured. It was significant though because that is what helped spark some of  the cause of the revolutionists.
 Amazing to get to stand where so much of our important history took place.
 My little patriot.
 Scott is standing in the very place where they first read the declaration of independence to the people. Right outside the window behind him.

Who are these crazy people.

 Benjamin Franklin.
 Sam Adams grave.
 The kids decided to meet up with some friends from Tennessee who were also in town and they went to the Red Sox game. So mom and dad and Scott and Annie and I went to the Omni hotel to have some  drinks and Patte. I didn't eat the liver stuff but the brie and crackers and salami were good. Annie was a good girl sitting in her stroller for all this too. I love how she is so easy going most of the time. In fact I think she is more crazy at home than anywhere else.
 Scott getting his Patte on.
 I got a cappacino. It was a little strong for me. I'm not a big coffee fan but I couldn't get a glass of wine because I am prego, and I wanted to get something dainty and old timeish.
 Monument where they stormed the hill.
 Annie walked up to dad to hold his hand, it was so cute. She loves him.
 The U.S.S Constitution. Hard to see in the dark.
 Getting ready to say goodbye to the fam and head our separate ways. It was time for us to come home, and they continue their adventures. Annie got a little practice on the long board first.
 So Back to the picture above of the camper wheel. Not two hours into our 15 hour drive home that we hoped to make most of that day did we have a bump in the road. Long story short we were stuck in Port Chester New York, 50 minutes outside of New York CIty with a broken wheel on the camper. The lug nuts came loose and created a hole in rim of the wheel, which explains the noise we kept hearing that got worse and worse. Of course we didn't know this was the problem until the the guy at the shop saw it. We thought is was a bearing. So we had to ask around for a auto shop that repaired these, and of course this was after five o' clock, so we parked the camper at the auto garage and headed back north to Stamford, CT where we found a Marriott we could stay at with our points. It was in downtown and very nice. Thankfully we were able to walk a short distance from the hotel to this HUGE 7 story shopping center/mall. There was a food court there so we grabbed some dinner, and there was also a play area where Annie played for a while to help some time pass before we needed to put her to bed. This was a big open area in the mall. I'v never seen anything like it.

So after all that we were able to pick up the camper the next morning around 9:30 and get on the road for our 12 hour drive home. We did also pick up like five $5 movies at the mall to help the long drive ahead of us go by faster. And the rest of the trip went off without a hitch. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for letting us join you, and eat your camper food, and tag along, on this wonderful trip up the Northeast Coast, and seeing and doing things we may never have otherwise done. We are very thankful for your generosity and kindness, and you all are just plain fun to hang out with. We love you and can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip without us. I'm sure you guys are missing your kisses from Annie in the mornings, but you can get some of those when you return.

That brings us up to date. 
Yours Truly