Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!!!! and some big news........

It's officially the new year. I have so enjoyed this holiday season and spending time with my family. Scott has been able to be home some this week and it has been wonderful. I'm afraid i've gotten spoiled having his company. As I write this now I am looking out my back window as the snow is falling and i'm sitting in front of our cozy fire while Scott watches (boring) football. It's a good, blessed life I live.

I'm pretty sure everyone that reads this blog (the few of you out there) has already heard by now, but we have some exciting news here at the Andrews Clan......................................................................................

We will be adding to our small family come Septmeber. That's right ladies and gentlemen, hello morning sickness, hello exhaustion, hello growing belly, kicks, not fitting into my clothes anymore, and food cravings. I'M PREGNANT!!!! We are so very excited to have this news to share. We kind of wanted to have our kids about two years apart, and this will pretty much be exactly two years. Thank you Lord for this little blessing the size of a sweet pea. We are only about five weeks along so we are still in the dangerous stage where miscarriage rate is still high. But we trust God in whatever he chooses to do with this baby. Please excuse the crazy hair in this picture, it was in the morning and I didn't fix myself up. I was pretty bad about getting pictures of my last pregnancy so I want to be better about documenting this one, especially for Ben and Bri. So now that I threw that out there, I think I'm up to date.

Oh yeah! I'm so excited to be going on a little trip this Friday. Scott will be in Seattle on Business, and we found a decent price on plane tickets so I can go join him. I will be there for almost a week and will get to hang out with Bethany, who is also flying up with me, and Bri, who will be moving up a couple days before we leave so we will get to say our goodbye to them while we are there and hopefully see their apartment. I love traveling, and I love being out West, although I have never been to Seattle, so I am stoked about this trip. Annie will be cared for by Scott's parents while we are away. Thanks Durie and Deb! So I will be childless. This will be my longest time away from my little munchkin, so I hope I don't cry. I'm going to miss her kissable little cheeks, her snuggly little hugs, her little belly laugh, her chitter chatter blabber, her stinky diapers, her snotty nose, and her sweet little pout when she doesn't get her way. I'll never tell her, her pout is sweet don't worry, I don't need to build up her ego anymore than it already is.

at five weeks, right now.

TaTa for now.

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