Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Update!

Well we finally had our first doctor appointment yesterday and got to see our little teddy graham's good strong heartbeat of 171.  Being pregnant doesn't feel real in your mind until you see the actual baby in there and hear a heartbeat (although my body could tell you otherwise). We even got to see our little one squirm. I always get so nervous going in for appointments. I don't know why. I guess i'm afraid there is going to be some bad news or something instead of trusting God and enjoying the whole experience. The great news is, I got hooked up with some meds for the nauseau. The horrible news is, they only take a little edge off it. I had my hopes up hoping it would cure me so I could function normally again, and feel normal again. Oh Well at least they keep me from gagging all day long. I'll just be taking it easy these next few weeks until hopefully the morning sickness goes away at 13 weeks like it did for Annie. Pray that it does. Pray like you have never prayed before my friend. I have never been more thankful for my sweet husband who has taken on household duties when he gets home from work. So he goes and works all day long, then comes home and feeds Annie dinner, gets me something to eat, cleans up Annie's messes, changes her diapers, cleans up dinner, gets her ready for bed,.....the list goes on. He has not complained at all. He is so kind in telling me to lie down and rest. (I think he just doesn't like hearing me gag when I get up and try to help,ha-ha). Anyway, i'm much more excited about pregnancy now after seeing our little one with the exact same due date Annie had. Can you believe that? I thought I was timing it correctly to where this new baby would not be born around mine and Annie's birthdays. I guess I miss calculated. Little bean is due August 31st, which was Annie's due date, which means he/she will probably be born on or close to Sept 6-7. Oh well, We can get all our birthdays celebrated close and be free the rest of the year. HaHa. Heres a few recent pics for ya Ben and Bri. Miss you guys.

8 weeks.
Annie Banannie
Little Teddy Graham #2.

Thats it for now. Time to go take a nap, since sleep is my only escape from sickness right now.

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  1. we love you guys soooooooo much! thank you ash for not forgetting about us! we tried to do facetime on saturday with you guys cause we wanted to see your faces! this week?