Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seattle Part 2 and baby update!

Well, Here are the rest of our pics from Seattle, scroll down to the bottom to get the baby update if thats all you wanna see. HeeHee.
Parking where we weren't supposed too. It's ok we didn't stay long and we didn't get caught.

More Gorgeous! Amazing views

Beautiful sunset.

We went to this awesome bowling ally called "Acme Bowl"
It was the nicest bowling ally I have ever been in. 
Peter's Stand

Bethany's Stand

Scotty's Stand. He is so sexy!

And my big butt stand. Mine looks so different because I am left-handed  so I throw from the opposite side. Come on people I know what you are thinking.

Trying on a $2,000.00 dress. I fit so wonderfully, I wanted to be a celebrity just so I could walk down the red carpet in it.
Another fun dress. Wasn't quite as comfortable as the red one. What's funny is the red one didn't look that great on the rack but Bethany wanted me to try it on so I did, and was beautiful.

Ben and Bri's new home for the next year.

Signing all the paperwork.

Taking a pic in the new apartment. It's a cute little apartment, and even has a gas fireplace.

Ok, this is hard to see but we ate at this nice seafood restaurant called Salties, and our view through those big glass windows was the city line of Seattle. It was awesome!!!!

 Ben and Bri!
 Rocking the bibs.
Yummy chocolate desert from the Salish Lodge, at Snoqualmie falls. And that about sums up our trip in a nutshell.
 And now for the baby update. Well this has been a difficult early pregnancy for me. with Annie I had minimal nausea, and it only really came on with after taste from foods. I know it sounds weird right, but this time around I feel like I have been more weak more often, queasy a lot, and I constantly feel hungry, that nagging hunger pang you get in the pit of your stomach I feel like I have it all the time. The hard part is, I have food aversion to ALL FOOD!!!! I have to force myself to eat so I don't get weak. I am praying that the Lord gives me strength, and wisdom in caring for myself during this time, so that I can still care for little A (Annie). It's actually kind of scary, without Scott around thinking if I get really weak, how am I going to take care of A. But I must take care to eat well, and continue to pray for a strength from the Lord that I cannot create on my own. Oh Ya! I also feel like I am growing a lot faster this time around. But it's not baby growth, at least not all of it. I have been feeling really bloated and large. I eat a little bit of food and feel huge instantly. But some of it is things getting changed around in my innards too. At least thats what I like to think. Hopefully I will feel better soon, so I can start working out again. Oh Yeah, I have also been having to pee so much more often this time around. Perhaps that means it will be a boy? who knows. We have our first doctor appointment on the 25th, so we can at least get a real confirmation of pregnancy and see the heartbeat. We will be 8 weeks then. This is my seven week pic, sorry I didn't get six weeks, but there is not a lot of change going on right now anyway.

Well thats all for today folks. Thanks for checking in.


  1. 1. Love the dresses!!
    2. I TOTALLY agree with feeling bigger 2nd time around. I felt bigger the day I peed on the pregnancy test. Seriously! I think it's b/c your body knows what to do because it wasn't that long ago!

  2. I'm glad to hear you say that Allyson. I was getting worried thinking i'm just getting bigger too soon, so it must be fat or something. HaHa!