Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updates. Boring title I know.

     It's time for some photo updates. Instead of telling you about each photo then you looking at them, I figured I'd tell you about each photo, with each photo. Check the bottom for baby update. No photo today, but I will put one up shortly. I just have to at least look half-way descent, and that is hard to achieve feeling like death these days (exaggeration...) Here's photos for you to catch up on.

Annie now gets on the couch and pulls a blanket on herself and grabs the remote. Can you tell what she has been seeing mommy do a lot lately? Hey i'm sick ok, give me a little slack for now. If i'm still doing this all the time when i'm not sick anymore then you can say something about it. Haha.
Annie is getting very skilled at climbing the kitchen chairs onto the dining room table. Then she likes to dump the salt EVERYWHERE!!!! She must believe in that whole dump salt over your shoulder thing way too much. HeeHee.

Here is Libby at Meghan and Andy Carr's wedding walking down the aisle. This is where Annie had her first little fit. Of course it would be at a wedding. Scott had to take her out and miss the whole ceremony. I guess it's time for some training on being able to sit still. Although she is still young and I don't think you can expect a one year old to be quiet and still during a whole wedding ceremony, unless your child has something wrong with them.

Helping Daddy do some quotes at work.

This is what the seat next to me usually looks like at church these days. I have my drink, and lots of variety of snacks. I try to find anything I can that would ease the nausea, here we have some lemon drops, white cheddar popcorn, cheese and crackers, starbursts, pink lemonade and dum-dum lollipops. Believe it or not, this stuff doesn't really help much. It takes a lot of focus for me not to gag at church. Sheer self will and the fact that I would really embarrass myself from gagging in church are really the only things that keep me ok.

The the guys decided to go on a planning retreat for work to set some goals for this year in Gatlinburg and the wives tagged along. We stayed at Buckberry Lodge, which was a beautiful lodge in a beautiful location. Here is poppy talking on the phone and Annie tagging alongside him. look at the backround. Gorgeous right?

So at the lodge you can hike a 1/2 mile down to the creek where they have adirondack chairs, and fire pits, and a hammock, and a place to play music, and just relax. Here is Uncle Pete swinging with Annie in the hammock. Notice the pretty little creek flowing in the background?

This is a little building down there where there are table and chairs and a fireplace inside in case it rains or something. We chose to sit in the adirondack chairs by the fire pit in the open. Annie and Hudson had a blast being out in nature and running around letting all their energy out.  Scott is being a great daddy on the right here and changing Annies diaper for mommy. He helps all the time, but a lot more recently since I gag when I smell her diapers. Hey it's just a little phase, I pray that only lasts the first trimester.

Hudson, being the crazy character that he is, pulled his pants down and was running around the little field trying to take them off all the way. He is so funny. He and Annie had so much fun that evening playing with Poppy. He was rolling around with them and chasing them all over. It was pure joy to watch them bonding. 

Here is Annies marker mustache we created while we made Daddy a happy birthday poster. She had fun drawing lines all over the poster with the (washable) markers. She managed to get it all over herself, and I thought I was watching her close enough to keep her clean.

For Libby's birthday this year she had a party at Build a bear with her friends. They are all around three years old and did pretty good understanding what to do. Annie on the other hand is still a little young and just looked around staring at everything and watching what everybody was doing. She did join in dancing in the last part of the song hokey-pokey. All the girls got to pick out their own build-a-bear and make it, then name it, and make it a birth certificate and everything. It was so cute. Thanks Libby for inviting us.

Annie has become quite the little helper. She likes to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off for us while we vacuum, and sometimes she tries to vacuum herself. I think this was a little heavy so she couldn't quite move it well. But I am so proud of her for helping. It's so crazy watching her get older. She now tries to repeat every word we ask her to repeat, and usually does a pretty good job at it. She just saw a picture of my parents and said nana and poppy on her own. Where has my little baby gone. It's a good thing i'm pregnant and having another one, cause I miss a lot of the little stages before one years old. I'm soaking up my time with my little girl as much as I can before she grows up and doesn't like to sit and give me kisses all the time, or before she talks in sentences that I can actually understand. I love how she tries to talk right now and looks at you like you aught to know what she is saying. she even tries to throw accents in there to sound even more real. It's adorable and soooooo entertaining. 

Ahhhh!!! My day-lilies, and Tulips are sprouting through the ground. This is so not fair, because it makes me want spring to be here, and warmer weather, with lots of sunshine. Well perhaps it will warm up early here in the Mid-south region and we will get an early spring. Who knows.

Baby Update
     Well, there's not much progress to tell about. Although I can say praise the Lord I can at least move around and get up without immediately feeling like throwing up. I still definitely feel sick a lot, but it does not seem as extreme some days. I think I may now be reaching the point where I will have some good days, and some bad days, and eventually the bad days will fade away. Oh how I look forward to that day when sickness will be no more. Please continue to pray that this will all pass after the first trimester. I don't know how some people go through their whole pregnancy feeling this way. Thanks for your prayers thus far, I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I will survive.

Yours Truly

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