Sunday, February 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Part:2

Here it is continuing. Feel free to leave now. I know I post a lot of pics that don't really mean anything to you. Haha
Me drinking a VIRGIN strawberry Daiquiri out by the pool on a lovely sunny 74 degree day. Pure Bliss. They had some fun rockin music. I wish I spent more than just one day by the pool now. It stinks but the pool closed at 5:00 p.m. so the guys never got to enjoy it. So get this. In the summertime when the beach pool is open, this pool that we were sitting at is for european bathing. That means you don't have to wear full swimsuits if you didn't want to. You do have to be 21 or older to be able to come in in the summer. don't worry in the winter they open it up for everyone and require swimsuits. weird huh.
This was the ceiling in the Venetian hotel. Beautiful artwork. I felt like I was really there in Venice Italy. They even had gondola rides inside going throughout the hotel. It was huge inside with little shops everywhere. I couldn't really afford anything from these high end stores but it was fun to look.

 Peter had a friend that was able to hook us up with some free David Copperfield tickets with great seats. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially when he made Dad and a group of other people disappear on stage and reappear in the back of the theater all within a matter of seconds. Dad did not reveal his secret to us no matter how hard we tried to coax it out of him, he kept his mouth shut. I'm sure he had to sign a waiver or something saying he wouldn't tell.
 Cool skyline pic at night of downtown.
 More downtown.
 You know you are in a fancy hotel eating fancy food when your bottled water looks like this in a glass.
Ok so we decided on our last night to play black jack because that is what mom was waiting to play all week. So Dad, Mom, my cousin Andrew(who was also at the show for work) and I all sat down at a $15 dollar table to buy in. I was so nervous and shaky I was going to mess up or something. So I started by buying in with forty dollars which would give me two rounds if I lost both times. I think I lasted like 3 or 4 rounds and only had ten dollars left so Scott gave me another $20 and it was all uphill from there. Once I wan't so nervous I started doing really well, every time my pile got bigger I would do what you call color up (trade in a pile of smaller chips for some bigger ones) I would color up $25 dollars at a time, and as soon as I would win that much, I would give it to Scott so I wouldn't spend my winnings. After going down some, then up some, I eventually quit the game with at total of $270 dollars. now if you take away the $60 it took my to get going then I won a total of  $210. Can you believe that? Now I see why gambling is addictive for some people. Easy money. So out of my winnings Scott took $125 so he could go play poker in the poker room. He was looking forward to this since we found out we were going to vegas. He likes to play every once in a while with friends here at home, so to play in a real casino in Las Vegas was a treat for him. After a couple hours of playing Scott turned $125 into $280. So in total we came home with about $400 dollars in our pockets. That pretty much paid for my trip out there. I did lose like $40 more dollars when I went back to play black jack, so I quit for good after that. We picked a bad night to stay up and play on our last night there. We didn't get to bed until 2:30 in the morning, and we had our alarm set for 3:45a.m. Of course we didn't actually fall asleep, I think we were both too excited from winning money to sleep. Haha. Our plane Left Las Vegas at
 5:40 a.m. so we arrived back home at 12:10p.m. our time. We were pretty exhausted but so excited to see our little girl who we missed sooooo much. Whenever we are away from her, we always so Oh man, Annie would have so much fun doing this or that here with us. This pic below was snapped just before the casino guy was like no pic, no pics. I guess you can't take pictures at the tables while playing. Something that has to do with card counting I guess. Yeah, do I look like a card counter? I don't think so.

So now that we are home I thought I would post a few pics from today and Yesterday. That weather is so beautiful today that We got home from church and stayed out in the yard for a little while enjoying the weather. Scott took Annie for a little Longboard riding. down the street. She loves adventure.
 She saw Daddy climb up the ladder to get the christmas lights down. Don't judge us, yes we may have waited to take down the lights until the end of February, but we did have our tree out before New Years........ Anyway, Annie walked right over to the ladder and started to climb up to join Daddy. And He actually let her up. I admit, I was a little worried having my little 1 1/2 year old on our roof, but Scott would never let anything happen to her. She loves being with her daddy.
 Here is Annie with a new hair style. Believe it or not, she achieved this beautiful volume by having her daddy suck her hair up with the vacuum cleaner. I know it's not the most sanitary thing but hey, look how cute she is. She loves how it feels. Heck! So do I, in fact I do it to myself sometimes. You should try it sometime, it feels wonderful. Haha
Side view of the masterpiece.

Well that's it for updates on our trip. As for Pregnancy update My belly has definitely popped now at 13 weeks. Sorry Bri, I will put a pic up soon so you can see. Still getting over the nausea but doing much better than before PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Tomorrow I go to the doctor for another check up, I will ask the ultra sound tech to see if they could guess what the gender is. I hope we can see something and get some type of clue. Who knows. 

Yours Truly

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