Sunday, February 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Part:1

We just got back from another business trip for Scott. I am so thankful and blessed that I can sometimes go with Scott on his trips as long as we can afford it. We were able to score some cheap flights so I could go with him. There was a composite convention so Bethany and Mom were able to go also, with Peter and Dad. The wives hung out while the guys were at the show. It was a blast. I have still been a little nauseas here and there, but I am so happy (praise the Lord) that I am getting better. Here are pics.

Annie was trying to pack herself in my bag. I think she wanted to come with us. Instead she got to spend the week with her Paw-paw and Grammy. Maggie in the backround wanted to come too.
So the first thing we see getting off the airplane in Vegas was slot machines, literally right there at the terminal. We had to take three different planes on the way to vegas. It was a full day of traveling. We stopped in Houston, TX, and Pheonix, AZ.

This was my first time ever doing a slot machine. Haha. I think I won a dollar and I wanted to keep it but I kept playing, so of course I lost it.

 We are definitely not in Knoxville, TN anymore. Welcome to the desert.
 Pretty sunset from the plane.
 This was the Hotel we stayed at. I am on the plane taking this pic, that's how close the airport is to the strip. We stayed at Mandalay Bay.
So here is a funny story. Dad and Scott and I all sat down at some slot machines our first night there and I won $35, Dad won $100, and Scott got $160. All from a dollar slot machine. Haha. So with Scott and I's winnings we figured we would use that and have fun with it the rest of the week we were there so we didn't have to spend more of our own money, although I'm pretty sure we did take some more out. But in the end we came home with lots of money. I do not condone gambling and usually don't like it much at all, but we figured this may very well be our last time in Vegas so we should at least see what it is like, and have a little fun. Dad also used his winnings throughout the week. I believe they slowly decreased more and more, until the last night when we decided to play the only game mom likes which was black jack 21. Let me tell you, that is also my new favorite game. I'll tell you more about that later.
 New York, New York hotel. It looks like a bunch of skyscrapers, but it is all one hotel. That is one thing that is cool about Las Vegas. All of the hotels had themes to them and were pretty cool to see inside.
 In the Parisian hotel, we got to get a Tiramisu in a chocolate cup. I think when I was in Vegas with my family years ago when we ate this at the same place it became my favorite desert.
 Mom and Pop.
 So the Monday we were there was International Pipe Smoking Day, and of course the guys had to smoke a pipe in honor of it. It was weird that you were aloud to smoke on the casino floor. Dad is holding up his winning ticket from the slot machines. Haha. So proud.
We decided since we were in the western territory in the desert, that we should get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors. We wanted to go on a bike ride in Red Rock Canyon, but were too late for the ride tour so we drove out to a loop out there kind of like Cades Cove in Tn. Of course not two steps out of the car and Dad gets attacked by a desert bush. It bled right through his pants. Peter and Bethany were not in town yet, that's why they are not in these pics.
This was the evil spikey bush that had it out for dad.

 See those little tiny people out there rock climbing in that black spot. Watch closely.
 See the black spot still, in the center of the picture? It is a lot smaller now.
 How about now? Can you still spot it? They were very far away as you can see. The red rock canyons were beautiful and majestic to look at. I love seeing new things out here that we don't have back home. I think that is why I like to travel, and can't wait to take a family trip with Scott and our kids when they get a little older, out west and visit all these places. Although I don't think we will be bringing them to Vegas.
 Here is Dad attempting to rock climb. He is like 50 feet up here and no rope or harness or nothin.(haha just kidding, not really).
 Photo opp
 I love the color change between the rocks, how it changes from orange to white. And I love the clear blue sky. Why is it always so clear out here and hazey most of the time in Knox Vegas.

 A little further into the loop and the mountains completely changed into this rocky looking stuff.
Part :2  to follow.

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