Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the season......

To be thankful....
Well I have been pondering a lot lately. I realize this blog is fun because I post a lot of cute pics of Annie and our adventures, but I also want to use it as a tool for myself. I want to remember that I would have none of this (the opportunities to do fun things with Annie, and the camera to capture it, and the computer to post it) if it were not for the Lord and his blessings on my life. I want to be real about what God is doing in my life, and I think having a blog is a great opportunity to remind me that God is continually at work in my life, through the good and the bad. This is sort of a good motivator to remember that I want God to be the first thing I think about and want to write about, not Annie or the latest thing we have done, or the newest thing we bought. Don't get me wrong I'm all about that too, I just want to remember whats important, and that is that I don't deserve what I have been given. But because God is such a good and kind and merciful God, he sent his own son to be CRUSHED for me. So that my sins can be paid for, and I can stand as righteous as christ before God, and he can pour out his love for me, despite my continual daily sins. Thank You Lord for helping me to remember that. I pray I would remember it every day.

Ok so I have been playing with iphoto editing. I would love to get better at taking cool pics and editing them and making them look all professional but there is no way I am paying thousands of dollars for a nice photo editing software. I'll just use iphoto, it works pretty good. I think when my birthday comes around i'm going to ask for a nice camera. We'll see. Any way Here are two pics I have. The first is the original pic. and the second one, is after I played with editing. I like the change. What do you think?

It's kind of antiquey feeling.

Well.... Referring back to the beginning I'll leave you with this question to ask yourselves?
What has been in the forefront of your mind this Holiday season? Ponder it, chew on it, think about it, and answer yourself. When I asked myself, my answer was...............
"What would be the best gifts to get everyone? I want Scott to love everything I give him, and I want to buy more decorations for the house so it looks all festive for the holidays. I want to know what is the fashion trend for winter 2011-12. Where can I get new cheap clothes that are cute and fun to wear for the holidays?" Yup! that is seriously what I have been thinking about. Now you can see why I need to go back and check myself and see what is taking priority in my life, and just needing to remember the true meaning of Christmas. I'm not saying all those things are bad to think about though. I think it's great to want to be generous and buy gifts for others, and to want a warm, welcoming home to friends and family, and to want to stay attractive for your husband etc... I just want to remember that we are celebrating our saviours birth first and foremost, and to not let those other things take precedence over that.Below is the definition of Saviour from the online dictionary. I think it is pretty fitting for Christ.
SAVIOUR =a person who rescues another person or a thing from danger or harm.
Now that your eyes hurt from reading so much I'll stop.

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