Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Catch up....

Well, I see that it has been a while since my last post so I thought i'd catch up on some small things. This will be followed by more posts of our trip up the Northeast Coast with part of my family.

So Here goes....
My little Annie is growing up so fast. Just the other day she came up to me with all this jewelry on. She put it on all by herself, and look at those hands. She is such a girl.
Seeing as how this girl is 1 1/2 years old, she is at the age where she loves getting into stuff. She is great most of the time, but occasionally when I am not paying attention to her she gets into trouble. By trouble I mean pulling out things she knows are no touch. For example, the following pic is of Annie enjoying some hazelnut flavored coffee she found in the pantry. Yes she was eating the grinds of coffee. She made a pretty mess of it too. Of course I couldn't get upset at a face like that. I actually just laughed at her because she looked so cute, and I thought it was pretty funny. Hey! If this is the worst mess she has made thus far, we are not doing too bad I think.
 Playing at her friend Rev's house in the sandbox with Rev, Brooklyn, Judah, and Will. She loves playing with sand and rocks and dirt, yet she is girly too, I love the balance she has.
 She is finally getting to a fun age where she does random things that are so funny but she has no idea she is being funny. In other words she is not doing it on purpose for attention yet. Case in point, she tried putting her swimsuit on the other day and this is as far as she got........ So cute right?
 Annie has recently become VERY attached to her baby doll. Before she was hardly aware of it, but now she loves taking it everywhere and caring for it. It happened in like a weeks time. it's so cute, and I hope that this will help when her new baby brother arrives. Maybe she will want to help me care for him.

 So about three weeks ago Annie contracted a disease called hand-foot-mouth disease. It is a very common and contagious disease. I believe she got it from the gym where I go to work out. I went on a Monday and Tuesday, and by Friday night she had a fever. We weren't sure why she had the fever so we gave her some medicine and put her to bed. That night and the next night after we barely slept at all. Annie was up like every hour very restless and fussy but could not be soothed. On Sat. morning we were googling her symptoms, by now she had these red dots breaking out on her feet and hands and face. So since the doctors office was closed we googled fever followed by rash type, and this is what came up. We also talked to Bethany because Hudson had had it before. She described his symptoms and they were the same that Annie was dealing with. By the time we did get a hold of the doctor monday morning Annie had a blister on her thumb, some small ones on her feet, and one on her bottom lip. Unfortunately the doctor said the only thing to do is keep giving her medicine for the pain, and lots of fluids to keep her hydrated. Luckily she never got any sores in her mouth so she was able to continue eating fine. Well it took like a week and a half for it all to heal. I felt so bad for her during this time, but I guess thats part of life, and it happens. Here is what the little red dots looked like on her feet.
 Moving on..... Since we have a new baby coming Annie will be upgrading to another room along with all her pretty decorations and bedding that Nana made her, so the baby can have this room and the crib. I thought i'd snap a few pics of her room before I start moving stuff over. My mom is a very gifted sewer and made ALL of Annies bedding including the valance on the window, the bumper, bed skirt, and blanket (which by the way is her most favorite thing in the whole wide world, maybe even more than mommy and daddy haha. No i'm serious). I love her bedding so much that I decided to keep this color scheme in her new room. We just ordered a black and white blanket for the queen size bed she is moving into, and I will get some pink sheets to fit as well. It was the guest room, but since we had nowhere to put the queen bed we just decided to move her into it.

The Lord has truly been providing for our family and I am so thankful and I never want to take his blessings and generosity for granted. For a while now I have been needing a new car. We sold my Nissan Altima a while back so I have been driving Scott's truck around town since before Christmas. Since Scott works as a salesman and got a company vehicle, we decided to sell his truck also and try to find a family vehicle. After searching for a couple of weeks i'm so excited to be a proud new owner of a  2007 GMC Acadia, which is what I was hoping we would be able to get. God is so kind to provide a good amount of money from the truck, and some money in savings to afford such a nice vehicle.  So goodbye 'Big Red' and hello 'not yet named Acadia'. I'm so excited!!!! This car will be great because I won't have to climb up into the car to strap the kids in, and I won't have to bend over to strap them in either. It has everything Scott and I were hoping to have in a vehicle. he wanted All Wheel Drive, and I wanted a sun roof. We both wanted leather seats (for easy clean-up) and captains chairs in the second row. An added blessing was the dvd player, we didn't really need that but i'm sure it will come in handy on family vacations with the kids down the road. I know I loved watching movies while traveling, heck I still do. We had to drive five hours away to go pick it up, and Scott's mom watched Annie for us so we had a nice little alone time together. We picked this up on Saturday and drove home only to have to leave it in the drive-way for a week and a half because on Sunday morning we left for a camping trip with some of my family up the Northeast Coast for camping, which is where I will end this post. Coming up we will share our northeast coast adventures with you. Stay tuned.... 

Yours truly

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