Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventure Part:2

Continuing from our last post we'll just jump right into photos. theres too much to say about all these photos i'm afraid i'm making it boring to read but I can't spend all my time trying to be witty and clever, so here goes again......
This was a maps pic I took from my phone. We were so far up the northeast coast I just had to capture it.

 So this was our campsite in Maine. We were right on the water and we had a gorgeous view. Again places were just starting to open up for the season so the campsite was pretty empty. We had it all to ourselves. This was the sunset first night there. This was where we stayed the longest in one location. Three nights here. We arrived just before dark so we were able to take our time getting all set up.
 This was sitting in our camp chairs looking out over the water. Beautiful right?
 This was just another time we stopped while traveling to Maine. Mom needed a new electric skillet so we stopped at Walmart and stretched our legs while we waited for her and Dad to get a few things. David put on some techno music and we all danced in the parking lot to let off some energy and stretch.
 Teaching Annie how to dance.
 So we finally got a chance to ride the bikes in Acadia national Park in Maine. We biked around a five mile lake called Eagle Lake. it was a beautiful ride. nicole being her usual funny strange self.
 Nana and Annie all smiles and ready to go.
 Looking at the lake.
 Scott, Dave, Nicole, and Sam found a little off road trail they thought was for bikes. I don't think it was. From what we saw, they kept having to jump off and walk their bikes up the trail. Oh well, I guess they still had fun.
 Beautiful park with beautiful views. Three generations. Mom, me, and Annie
 Taking a break for another view of the lake.
 Dad found this tree and thought it looked just like someone he knew. Hmmmm I wonder who he was thinking. HaHa!!!!
 The whole family close to the top of Cadillac Mountain.
 Goofy Pic.
 Some random waterfall we saw off the side of the road. Let me guess, your starting to get bored now right? Sorry, I told you I wasn't going to try and be witty and clever here so I can't keep your attention. I know most people just like looking at photos anyway so I'll shut up and just put brief notes in.
 Top of Cadillac Mountain.
 Beatiful Views.
 Mom and Dad. I can't believe how adventurous they are for a pair of 50 year olds. They are in great shape and love getting out and being adventurous. I hope Scott and I can be like them when we get older.
 Awww. What a cute little family.
 Overlooking the cliffs. Yes it did just drop off from where they were all standing right there. they are crazy people. Wait is that Annie down there with them on Scott's shoulders. What the heck? Oh well, if you can't beat them....
 join them. It looks like Annie loved it. Actually I think she just loves her Daddy...
 Taking it all in.
 David stepped a little too close to the edge and lost his footing. Yes instead of rescuing him, I decided to just take a picture instead and let him save himself.
I had to throw this picture in there from biking. She is just too cute. 
Some of the following photos are a bit out of order because some were taken on my phone and some were from the camera. Bear with me. Here is a very bright picture of Scott climbing the first cliff. David, Nicole, Sam, and Scott all got to go rock climbing in Acadia while in Maine. It was awesome. We got to walk out to where they repelled and climbed and watch them. It was pretty scary for me knowing that Annie was only feet from falling off 60 foot cliffs onto rocks. But we were very cautious and let her play away from the cliffs, if she was close to the cliffs someone was holding her or she was in her back pack. I couldn't relax until we left the cliffs but it was fun. Can you spot Scott?
 this was a crack they climbed in. First they repelled down, then climbed back up on their own. The guy in this pic was their guide. It was awesome because dad paid for them all to go and get a private guide.
 Heres the brave group. They guide was fun and nice. His name was Anzel.
 I told you they were a bit scattered. Here we are back on Cadillac mountain.
 Dad reading about the mountain. the information was gone so David substituted.
 Nicole flying her pod racer around.
 Dad lifting the rock with Sam standing on top.
 Lovin Annies little crack.
 All that climbing and hiking around gives you a big appetite, and hey while in Maine you have to try the lobster. That is after all where 90% of lobsters around the US come from. Cute bibs. They loved the lobster. I'm not that big of a fan so I just tasted a bit of Scott's.
 Ready to dig in to his 2lb sucker.
 Oh Hey, we're back to the climbing agin. This was when they were signing their lives away on the waivers before heading out to the cliffs.
 Back to the cliffs. Dad hiked Annie in for us.
 Enjoying the view from the top.

 That looks scary close to the edge you guys....
 Getting a little prep on knots and such.
 Annie checking out the cliffs.
 David at the bottom of first climb.
 top of first climb
 Ok, If you know my Dad at all, this is not like him. He is usually mister safety warning everyone to stay away from the cliffs, now look at him peeking over the edge to watch the kids climb.
 David working his way up.
 Sam coming up.
 And Nicole coming up...
 This was a fun climb they did. Nicole accidentally dropped her brand new iphone off this cliff which hit a few cliffs on the way down where it hit the rocks on the bottom and bounced around before landing close to the water. Scott went down and got it for her and believe it or not it was still working. Those otter box cases live up to their name. I need to get me one of those. Can you see Scott down there. He just picked up her phone here.
 Bringing it back up.

To be continued.............
Yours Truly

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