Thursday, April 5, 2012

Annie, OBX, Playtime

So we recently got to go on a trip with Scott to the Outer Banks, NC. We had a great few days. Annie has not been to the ocean since she first turned one so it was fun to take her to the beach. The water was as cold as ice so only our toes touched that. Annie loved playing in the sand. I was afraid she might go all girly girl on me and hate the feel of the dirty grindy sand, but not her. She got right down into it. I'm so thankful we get to spend special time together as a little (growing) family.

Our Journey to OBX was not without a small setback. We got a flat tire on the interstate and pulled off an exit to find a tire shop. Unfortunately when we were only like a mile away from the place, we had to stop so we didn't ruin the rim. And of course the jack was behind the backseat where Annie sat with all our luggage. So we unloaded everything, changed the flat, then drove a mile to where we had to buy a new tire as this one was ruined. But Hey! if this was the only thing that set us back we were doing pretty good.

 Our hotel was right on the beach, we just had to walk out the back door and over this bridge.
 She had a bit of a tough time walking in the deeper sand. It looks like she doesn't know what to think about it here.
 Classic daddy daughter pic walking on the beach together. I LOVE THEM!!!!!! They are both so cute.
 Yeah I threw this one in there too, although right now i'm not a big fan of pictures of myself as I grow larger and larger, and larger........ Hmmmmm I guess it' because i'm growing a baby inside me. And it's a boy for that matter, which means i'll probably be ginormous around due time.
 She loved getting her hands dirty digging in the wet sand. That's my girl, not afraid to get a little dirty but still girly enough.
 I love being able to paint her little nails.
 At the visitors center we saw this huge 945lb marlin caught by a 14 year old boy. He fought for an hour before reeling it in.
 We did a bit of exploring while at OBX. Here is Annie in front of a replica of the wright brothers airplane. We got to visit the exact spot where the first airplane was ever to fly. It was cool visiting such a historical location. I can't say Annie was thrilled about it, but she went along with us anyway.
 On a rainy day we visited the aquarium in the area.
 They had an awesome shark area. Where you could easily see all the sharks swimming around. Annie is keeping her eye on this one, making sure it doesn't attach them.
 Here is a bigger shot of the enclosure.
 We recently went to Kim and Rev's house for a little playdate time. This was the best shot I got with at least two kids smiling. Although its cloudy out it was still a little bright, so the kids were scowling alot from that. We had a great time. Kim brought out easter eggs with pretzels and raisins in them. While all the other kids were collecting the eggs and bringing them back to the basket, Annie figured it would be easier to just take the basket and take all the eggs that way. Of course they all still shared. Thanks Kim for inviting us to come play with you guys it was fun seeing the other kiddos too and letting our kids play together.

     Annie has been changing a lot lately I feel like. We have pulled out her little potty just to get her used to it. So anytime we go to use the quest bathroom Annie follows us in there and sits on her little potty. When she sits down she starts grunting and squeezing her hands together like she's trying to go number two. I guess I kind of taught her that because thats what she does when going in her diaper. I was trying to get her to make the connection. Then she gets up and flushes her little potty. At least she is not afraid of it. Thats a start right? She is also starting to show some attitude now. I feel like I am actually having to discipline her for stuff. For a while there I would say NO and that was enough to teach her. Now she is starting to test her boundaries a little more to see what she could get away with. She is still very sweet and obedient though. I definitely see how crucial it is to be consistent with disciplining her. No slacking in this area will help us both in the long run. I also saw her for the first time the other day not wanting to share a toy. I was shocked to find her yelling NO! and pulling a toy back from the other kid. Of course I think they were trying to take it away from her so I don't know what to do about that. I guess it would be best to teach her to share her toys and be kind. After all, as Shannon teaches her kids, they are not our toys anyways. They are God's and we can't be selfish. I'm not sure what else Annie has been doing different lately. She is talking a lot now. She likes to say the words she knows we understand. Especially the word cookie. Some of her words she can say of her own accord include, Cookie, cracker (ka-ka), car, maggie(ma-ee), and some others. I love that I can start understanding her and what she is asking for. Oh yeah she can also say hold me(homey), and hungry which also sounds like homey. 
In other news, we are looking forward to some things coming up, Ben and Bri are coming into town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! We can't wait to see you guys and catch up with how life in Seattle is going. I'm sure Annie will be excited to see you guys too. Also I am stoked because tomorrow night I get to go on a special date night with my handsome hot husband. We are going to a nice steakhouse for dinner then he got tickets to Cirque du soleil which is in town visiting. I can't wait, because I have always wanted to go to a cirque show. I am so excited about it. I'll let you know how it was.

 Alright time to go snuggle up with my hubby and watch a movie on this stormy evening. 
Yours truly.


  1. I must point out one part you wrote that CRACKED ME UP because I read it wrong. Ha! You wrote: "When she sits down she starts grunting and squeezing her hands together like she's trying to go number two. I guess I kind of taught her that" and I thought you were meaning because she sees you doing that when you poop!! HA!!!!

  2. I love the pics of you guys and Annie on the beach! so cute! :) I didn't know you went to Cirque du was it???