Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome Home Grammy, and Happy 4th of July!!!!

Last week was a pretty busy week for us, but full of fun! We started by driving down to the wonderful area of Atlanta, Georgia to welcome my mother-in-law back from her seven week nursing experience in AFRICA, we surprised her at the airport and rented a hotel room downtown to spend the night and go to the aquarium on Saturday. Thankfully we were going somewhere indoors because when the temperature rises to 105 degrees and you are 31 weeks pregnant, lets just say thats not a good combination. After we left Atlanta on Saturday we drove straight to Lake Lure, NC to spend a few days at my grandmothers cabin on the lake. I think that was the perfect way to spend the 4th, floating on the water all day long on hot summer days. Anyway since I am a boring writer I will just get to the pics now......
Grammy was so surprised and happy to see her family at the airport.
 Watching the airplanes flying in. Annie kept pointing at every plane coming in and saying "hairpane"
 swimming in the pool at the Marriot Grand Marquis in downtown Atlanta. It was like 10:00p.m. so the kids were a little tired.
 Chilling in the cabanas after a nice little swim.
 Lucy and Annie loved playing together, lucy was pushing Annie here on the cart, they both were having lots of fun.
 The Aquarium was awesome!!! One of the first places we walked up to and this is what we saw. The biggest manta-ray I have ever seen.
 This is also the only aquarium in America that has whale sharks. UPS transported two of them in from Taiwan.
 more of the whale sharks
 Wierd little snake like fish I don't even know what to say about them, Weird!
 The beluga whales were pretty cool too.
 Annie and Lucy loved this whale slide. I wish I could figure out how to put videos up so you could see how much Annie loved it coming down.

 The family minus Durie( taking the pic) outside the aquarium.
 So on to the Cabin...... Annie did so well at the lake. She floated so great in the little tubes. What happened to my little baby? She looks so grown up here.
 Making sandcastles with Poppy! Well poppy trying to make sandcastles and Annie destroying them.
 Getting fresh and clean with cousin Libby
 All the kids loved the water, just floating around on the floats all day. It couldn't have been more relaxing.
 She did so well controlling where she wanted to go in the tube without falling over. Well maybe she had a little fall once or twice.
 I love this girl. As you can see she was having a blast. This smile was always on her face out there.
 You can't have a week of vacation without doing a low country boil!
 These girls loved hanging out together. Anytime libby would get out of the water to go dry off or do something, Annie would just follow her around and do the same thing.
 Ty was even getting the hang of using a tube. Although his was a little different because it had a shirt built in and a buckle under it for more safety.
 The girls loved feeding the ducks when they came around each evening for a little bread.
 Annies favorite thing to do with water right now is fill up buckets and take them somewhere to pour out, and repeat over and over again.

Well that was just a quick catch up, I didn't want to start falling behind on my posts. As far as pregnancy goes, I am in week 33 and starting to feel the effects of being ready to have the baby. Oh wait, I think I was feeling that months ago. This heat, combined with chasing after a toddler has made things a little harder. Plus this little boy is so active I feel like there is not enough room for him already even though we have 8 more weeks to go. I have been getting a little achy, and some back pain too, so lets just say I am more ready to have this baby out then I was with Annie. Perhaps the Lord is allowing me to be pretty uncomfortable because he knows how much I am dreading those middle of the night feedings and feeling exhausted during the day, so with all this discomfort I can actually say I am looking forward to midnight feedings, because it sure beats how I feel most days right now. Plus i'm exhausted now anyway. I just can't wait to meet my little man and hold him in my arms, and let Annie finally see what we have been telling her is in my belly all this time. Haha!

tata for now
Yours Truly 

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