Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Summertime!!!!

Well Summer is in full swing here in knoxville, TN. We have already enjoyed lots of outdoor activities including golfing, boating, and swimming. I'll admit it's been getting a little difficult motivating myself to get outside being pregnant and all, but I want to get Annie out to enjoy being outside so I just try to be careful and not be out too long to get overheated or anything.
      I can't believe how close we are getting to having baby number 2 (our little unnamed man). I'm getting excited now knowing we are in our third trimester and there is an end in sight. This has certainly been a more uncomfortable pregnancy than my last. Perhaps it's because with the first you are so excited to experience anything related to baby, even heartburn is exciting. Yes I admit I didn't mind it the first time around because it was related to pregnancy. Now i'm a little more anxious to have him in my arms more than my belly. I probably feel this way because I now have a toddler that I am running around after and caring for so I get worn out a little quicker. I don't want to be ungrateful though, in fact I am so very thankful that God has kindly blessed us with another child to add to our family. I admit sometimes I get nervous thinking about caring for two, but after talking with other women/moms in the church I am very encouraged knowing that God gives grace to the humble, and I'll be the first to admit I can't do this on my own. Annie has been such a wonderful addition already to our family I know another baby will be more fun. Speaking of Annie..... She is now saying words to let me know when she needs or wants something. Sometimes I understand what she says and sometimes I don't. She is getting so old and grown up. The thing she says most now is "HELP". Whenever she is doing something and can't finish or just can't do it she starts saying help. help. Then I tell her to say help PLEASE. "NO" is her favorite word now also, we are trying to teach her to say no thank you, or yes instead. She is a pretty good girl for the most part. I love her sweetness so much. We have decided to wait to start potty training until after the baby is born, but she is showing great signs moving in the right direction. A couple of weeks ago, she pee-peed on her little potty, and a couple of days ago she pooped on her potty. These were the first times I took her diaper off to sit on the potty, and sure enough she went potty. It's a good sign but we are still working on her letting us know when she has gone in her diaper and more aware of what she is doing. Plus we must first deal with the challenge of moving her to a big bed and that's a little more time sensitive than pottying.  I will have to put up pictures of Annie's new room (same color scheme just a little more fun), and the babies room. I finally get to have my safari theme room! Yay!!! I will show you that stuff later, in the meantime enjoy some pics of our updates lately. Enjoy.....

 Playing at the splash-pad water park on a hot day with other friends from church and cousin ty-ty and libby.
 Golfing with Daddy, Lucy, uncle Josh, and Paw-paw last Sunday. The girls liked playing in all the sandboxes all over the course. Lucy was helpful entertaining Annie.
 Chasing each other around on the golf course, to distract the golfers.
 So Annie is so attached to her blankie that I have had to practice leaving it in her bed unless she is going to sleep, only then can she have it. But of course this is what she does. She sneaks in her room and tries to pull it through the crib rails, if she can't get it, then she just lays down on the floor with whatever part she can get a hold of. It's kind of humorous because when she really wants it, she starts saying "night-night" to go to sleep just so she can have it.
 This pool we got for her last year but never pulled it out, so we pulled it out on the back deck and she  likes it so far. Daddy put a little soap on her slide for her so she could slide down it easier.
 Annie had her first wake boarding experience with Scott the other day. She did great. My phone didn't take the best pics but below she is actually waving at us. She seemed to enjoy it, and it's a great start. She trusts her daddy so much.

 I got her all warm and cozy after her ride, in her pj's.
 This was when we had our first swim at the YMCA this summer. We have a membership so we can go to the pool anytime we want to. They have a great kid pool outside. P.S. I have really been enjoying my friday morning Zumba class at the gym. It's a fun way to get cardio. I'm the only large pregnant girl in the back struggling to keep up HAHA. I'm sure I look pretty goofy dancing with my big belly, but I know it's good for me.
 Here was another boat day with Adam and Holly and Matt and Shannon on memorial weekend. We went out on Sunday and had another fun boat day. Above is the guys floating in the water to cool off with the kids, and below we are eating at Willies (our favorite restaurant on the water). We like to pull the boat up and eat here while spending the day on the water.

 Annie and Judah were enjoying the live music down below.
 That is one boat full of Kiddos.
 Ty-Ty loved the boat and had pretty good sea legs moving around while the boat was in motion.
 Annie snuggling with Aunt Shanny.

Thats all for now folks.

Yours Truly.

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