Monday, June 24, 2013

Some Summer Fun

Hello again peeps,
 So heres the skinny on our happenings lately with pics to illustrate, because frankly it's more fun looking at pictures than reading a bunch of stuff. At least that's my opinion, and i'm sure a few of you would agree. So Here Goes…………….

 Our Zoo just added a splash pad last summer, and I must say we have visited much more than we would have if it had not been added. The heat we get around here in the summer, plus me being pregnant for the second summer in a row, make for a not so fun time being outside unless I have somewhere we can cool off. And this works perfect. Calvin is still trying to figure out if he likes it.
Annie of course loves it, and enjoys every inch of the pad.
I just had to throw this funny pic in there. I guess the hubby always puts the baby in and I usually put Annie in the car, because we both naturally went to the wrong side of the car and neither of us noticed right away that something was wrong with this picture. Haha, I'm sure Calvin would have loved to face forward, while Annie on the other hand, probably would not have liked crunching her legs up.
Waiting for family to arrive at the zoo.
This was a pic of when Calvin took his first crawling moves. You could tell he was wondering what we were getting so excited about .
Meeting their cousin baby Hawkins for the first time. He was so cute, and Annie loved him so much. Calvin was just loving the apple core he was knawling (sp?) on. Don't worry, I was closely supervising him.
First tooth. His second and third tooth are now following closely behind.
We had a wonderful opportunity to get Annie on a plane when we took a trip to Florida for Scott's work. It was a short couple of days but we had a great time getting to see my brother Ben and Bri's house, visiting the beach, and learning about how to work as a family business. So here is our little pumpkin cheesing it up while waiting in line at the security check point.
She got a window seat for the first flight. The parts that I thought she would be more scared like taking off, and hearing the wheels come up, and landing, were actually her favorite parts of the flights.
Reading up on flight safety.
By the second flight this girl was living it up. She had her movie on the ipad, cranberry juice, and Delta cookies close at hand.

She loved playing in the sand and water at the beach that was only minutes away from my brothers house. I have to admit, I enjoyed being back at the beach myself even if it was for a short while.

Big boy now gets to take a bath with his sister since he can sit up well enough on his own. He loves bathtime now.
Picnic in the front yard while the weather was still decent in the mornings. Look at the beautiful grass. My husband (Scotty)  has been doing a great job making a nice lawn for us to enjoy.
And of course Scott and I got to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary on the 14th. Since Scott is finishing up school right now we couldn't take a getaway so we celebrated a nice dinner and movie. We are going to take a fun anniversary trip maybe next year. He spoiled me and took me to Ruth's Chris, one of my favorite steak restaurants. I absolutely love their ribeye steak and my mouth is watering right now just talking about it. mmmmmmm.

I love this pic because this little boy loves his daddy almost as much as he loves me and they look so stinking cute together. Father and Son= Precious.
For Father's day we took Scott to the park and had an evening dinner picnic at the cove. We didn't get to spend the whole day with him because he went golfing with his dad, but as the kids get a little older and can do more fun stuff with him I think we are going to plan some more fun things to do for/with him.
They love their Daddy, but not as much as I love him. Sorry kids.

That's it for now.
Yours Truly

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