Monday, December 3, 2012

It's the Holiday's, nough said

Ok, well yes it has been a while since I have updated so heres my updates in picture form, starting back in October and moving into November. I'll try to be brief, and since I have so many pictures, I'm going to do our California trip on my next post. Ok then here goes.............................................

It all started long ago in the month of October when the Brisk weather began to move in, bringing with it color change all over the Great Smokey mountains, and then the leaves began to fall, and so began our season of "FALL". To me fall is always the beginning of the holiday season, although there are no holidays right away. I guess it's because that's the first of my seasonal decorations I pull out. Anyway, so what better way to celebrate fall than going to a farm with all kinds of fun things to do and see, like...........
Sliding down big plastic construction pipes cut in half. This is the country folks, we don't got no real slides round here. Annie was yelling at her uncle Matt to take her down. She was a little afraid of the scary looking slide.
 Then we got to move on up to the petting area, where we could look at some real live sheep and goats, and chickens that bite. Of course the only thing they let us actually pet were the cute little guinea pigs and rabbits, which of course were still too scary for my little pumpkin. Even seeing her cousins ty-ty and Libby pet them wasn't enough to convince her they weren't going to chomp her fingers off. notice she kept her hands in her pockets far out of reach of the little monster, while Ty-ty dove right in to pet him.
This was my little guy at the farm. He was mad that he was too small to do.... well.......anything.
 They also had what I call a redneck trampoline. A big balloon looking thing filled with air and surrounded by sand on all sides. Aunt Shanny was kind enough to bounce with Annie.

 Annie was testing their corn in the crops here making sure it was ready to pick. (Don't worry she didn't really eat it, Ty actually gave it to her to eat because he knew better than to try and eat it himself).
 This was a fun trough filled with corn kernels. By the time we got out of here Annie was about 3lbs heavier, and I couldn't figure out why until I looked down inside her diaper and yep there it was. I know what you're thinking and no, she didn't eat it people, she was just stashing some away to play with later.

 That same weekend we got to Dedicate our little man to the Lord at church on Sunday. Pray for us folks, that we could train our children up to love the Lord and that we would be good examples to them as we live out our lives.

 That same Sunday, (we pack a lot in) we had our annual family fall day that my wonderful husband originally set up when we were dating to get the family together to hang out. There's a lot of us so it's hard to get us all somewhere together at the same time. Anyway It became a tradition and now we do it every year. Ben and Bri, we missed you guys this year. Here are the cousins going to pick out pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest.
My little country girl chewing on some straw.
 The handsome Ty trying to find that perfect pumpkin.
Family photo opp. The shadows kind of ruin the photo but hey, we don't get many family photos so I had to throw it in there.
 Me and my girl gutting the pumpkin. That goopy stuff didn't bother her one bit.
 The egg toss. I think Shannon and Matt may have cheated and hard-boiled their egg because it dropped several times and never broke.(Haha just playing). It was pretty funny though that it never broke.
My parents crack me up, they started pulling out their tools to make carving easier. If you know my mom too, you would totally understand. She's like mrs. handywoman, she can fix many things and make many new things if you put a power tool in her hands. Look at those rockin biceps mom. Nice.
 Here are some of the finished products from the pumpkin carving contest. Matt and Shannon had carved my favorite which was a cute owl on a branch. Matt, if business doesn't work out for you, you can always draw for a living. He drew this out for them to carve.
 Dave and Lindsey definitely got the prize for most original. They carved a rasta-dog with a pipe in his mouth, and a beanie holding all his dread locks. Can you see it? And the little drums too. Awesome creativity.
 Mom and Dad did thid pretty design which is some kind of emblem for something english or french I can't remember. It looks just like the real thing though.
 This was our little creation. Let me just tell you right now we have had better years like when we did the statue of liberty and it looked awesome. I don't know what happened this year, anyway, it's the smoky mountains with a moon and stars, and even a shooting star, but it also doubles as a face with two eyes and a mouth. Can you see it? I know it's a little sad but o well.
 Our stars came out great! Don't you think?
 Later the kids were all tuckered out so they jumped into Nana and Poppy's bed to watch the movie Cars. Actually they were sent in there so the adults could all watch a show called "The Walking Dead" about zombies. Pretty scary stuff for young children to watchif you know what I mean.
 These were my homeade rice crispy pumpkins. I love theme snacks.
 Well that about wraps up this post. I can't remember who won the overall competition of the day but I can tell you it wasn't us. HAha

Yours Truly

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