Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Calvin has arrived!!!!!!!!

Well my little man has finally arrived. I will attempt to give you a brief story of our labor and delivery with no gory details haha... Ok it's not so brief.....Let's just jump right in....................

I guess being NINE! days overdue meant something was bound to happen soon. I was feeling pretty discouraged on the seventh which was my birthday because I was so uncomfortable and tired of being pregnant. Plus the seventh meant we were one week overdue and that was when we had Annie (one week over her due date). I was beginning to think he would never come. So we had some people over on Thursday the 6th which was Annies birthday to celebrate and give her her play kitchen, then we had a few people over Friday night, then Peter and Bethany came over Saturday night and they must be our good luck charm because early Sunday morning about 2:30 a.m. my first real contraction hit. I had been having contractions on and off all week with no progress but this felt different and I knew right away this was it. So I started timing them about 11 minutes apart. I played ticket to ride on my phone in between contractions because there was no way I could sleep now. I wanted Scott to be able to get some decent sleep so I did not wake him until the contractions were getting closer together. By 5:30ish they were coming closer and getting more painful and harder to breathe easy through, Scott must have heard my breathing and woke up so I told him we were having a baby today. Since I was hurting pretty bad Scott ran a bath for me. Not ten minutes later I told him he better get our last minute stuff together because we needed to go soon. The bath did nothing for me, they were really hard to breathe through now. I think since I was moving around they started to get worse and worse. I got out of the tub and was determined not to look as awful through this labor as I did with Annie so in between contractions I  attempted to put on some makeup and fix my hair. By 6:30 we were ready to go and Scott asked if I wanted to leave or try and stay a little longer. I waited for the next contraction to hit, and when that one passed I said we better go. I would be more comfortable at the hospital in case I needed something, or he came fast. (Hey you never know with the second baby, everyone always says it happens faster). Luckily I followed my instinct. On the way to the hospital I couldn't decide if I wanted Scott to stop or drive fast because I was having intense pain by now. Once we got there I was sent to triage so they could see if I really was in labor. It felt like forever before somebody finally came to check me. I think she was surprised to find that I was seven cm dilated already, that means I was getting into transition, which in my opinion is the hardest part of labor. I was already having trouble focusing on breathing because it was happening too fast for me. I told Scott not to be mad at me but I really wanted the epidural. Of course I would want it, doesn't everyone want it at this point of labor? The nurses told me I was so far along and it would take 30 minutes before they could get to me, plus I had to have a bag of fluids in me before they could give me the epidural. I was scared not to get it because with Annie we stalled at 7cm and with this pain I couldn't handle having that happen again. I kept asking for it, but for some odd reason, when I thought about having to get the iv fluids I decided it would probably be too late. Really I was just being concerned about my looks again because I remember the fluids make you look really puffy so I said forget it. Shortly after all this took place I remember getting into our room and being checked again, and this time I was a good eight according to the nurse. So they were calling the doctor to come in and break my water.  In the meantime while all this was taking place, my wonderful husband was there by my side encouraging me to breathe and relax, and feeding me ice chips in between contractions. I don't know why, but there is something so comforting about having him there without him even having to do anything at all. I love him so much. This whole experience so far was everything our first labor was not. One thing that did help me get through each contraction, and I mean the only thing it seemed like, was when Scott would tell me it was at it's peak and going down. This kept me sane. I remember thinking ok, if I could just get through this until it peaks i'll feel better in a minute. Soon the doctor came in and broke my water, and let me tell you, if there was ever a time in my life I would curse, this would have been it. She told me I was 7-8 cm dilated and began to leave the room to go get some some breakfast because she thought she would have time. The very next contraction I experienced something else I never felt with my first baby, and that was my body pushing on its own. I told Scott, I couldn't help it, and I remember thinking I can't be pushing yet, i'm not far enough along, but the nurse heard me tell Scott so she came back and checked me during my next !#$%#@ contraction and then she said "yeah we're having a baby". I was so happy because this meant I could push and I remember it felt much better to push than to not push. There were no nurses there telling me how to hold my legs or counting to ten for me and all that. I guess it was all happening so fast they were running around trying to get everything ready. So when the next contraction hit I remember just pushing with all my might knowing this was it, and I would feel so much better when he came out, and sure enough, not even one minute later he was here. I remember Scott telling me his head is out, and I thought well that was fast, the rest is easy, so I just pushed him right out in less than a minute. Our nurse actually ended up delivering him because the doctor didn't make it back in time. HAHA. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! I feel so much better now!!!!. Recovery has already been so much faster, and we ended up coming home the very next afternoon. Don't get me wrong, i'm still very tired and sore, but it was all worth it because now I have my little man here to hold in my arms and kiss all over. Well now he is already a week and two days old. I can't believe how fast it is going by. C.S. (Calvin Scott) has so far been a very different baby from what I remember Annie was. He has these random times of fussiness where he cries so loud and there is nothing we can do to calm him down. I mean nothing, he won't even nurse. It comes at random times every day, and sometimes in the middle of the night, like last night. It usually lasts anywhere from 5-20 minutes. I think the Lord is just testing our patience, and I don't want to complain because I love him so much and I am very thankful the Lord has put him into our lives. We are blessed to have another child, and I know this is just part of life, and just another season. I'm especially thankful for my wonderful, loving, serving and caring husband. I wish I could have a way to tell everyone in the world about thankful I am for him, and how much he has done for us these last few weeks. Babe, I know you are going to read this, and I love you so much and appreciate the way you have allowed me to relax my last couple weeks of pregnancy, and this past week of recovery at home. You have taken over, cleaning, preparing food, and taking care of Annie, and I feel so bad because you make me sit on the couch and you do all the work. I am so thankful I got to marry a man like you. You have really stepped up to the plate here. I am also very thankful for my mother-in-law who took time off from work to come and help out with Annie and caring for us also. Between those two I didn't have to lift a finger. Haha. Seriously though. Deb, thanks a bunch for coming and caring for us by making dinners, and mostly for taking care of Annie. Well enough of the writing, here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

My little two year old who loves Dora the Explorer right now.
 Daddy with his beard he never had time to shave. Haha. Holding his little man.
 My big 9lb 1 0z baby, who the doctor thought would be too big to deliver. Yep when she heard how big he was supposed to be, her eyes got huge and she asked if our doctor had talked about c-section with us yet. Of course not, we told her that big babies run in the family. My doctor was not on call when we went in.
 Poppy and C.S.
 Aunt Shanny and C.S.
 Our newest addition. Notice I tried to fix my hair and yes I did manage to get makeup on.
 Annie loves her new baby brother.
 A family of four. It's so weird to say we have kids now, not just one child anymore.
 Grammy and Paw-Paw.
 Aunt Sarah
 I love him so much already.
 She loves to hold him and give him kisses.
 Coming home.
 Introducing Maggie to her new little brother. (Maggie is the dog).
 Cousins Ty-Ty and Libby came to visit him.  They both love babies, and Ty is only one and a half, and he was so into Calvin. He wanted to kiss and hold and hug him.
 uncle Dave came by to meet him.
 I had to put up one of these goofy looking photos. haha
 He was not a big fan of his first bath at home, although he did love the part where he got his head washed.
 Cousin Lucy meeting Calvin, she just stared at him for a few minutes looking him over. It was hilarious.
 Grammy with all her babies. Maggie snuck in there all by herself.
 Grammy with Annie and C.S.

Overload complete
Yours truly


  1. I loved reading your birth story Ashley. I love the look of those "drug-free" babies!
    He is adorable. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Ashley! Can't get over how fast it went for you! Who ended up delivering if Dr. Yang wasn't on call?

    1. Dr. Walker was the one there, but she missed the birth she just came in after and finished everything up. Haha, She thought she had time to go get breakfast.

  3. Thanks for doing this post! I loved reading! I love Calvin so much.... 6 months and i'll have my own birth story :) AHHHHHHH! Hahaha